the frost is on the punkin'

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I took the toddlers in my class for a walk about campus on Monday

and we came back to our classroom with some squash and pumpkins

from the school garden.

I cut them up and the children scooped out the seeds and stringy stuff.

We have one child who is extremely sensory oriented and she loved it!

We then roasted them in the kitchen with some leftover pears and oranges,

cinnamon and a bit of sea salt.

The whole building smelled delicious!

Most of the children only had one bit but there were two that asked for seconds. 

Either way, a fun time was had by all.


I stopped on my way to work to sit on the seawall of the beach I pass by.

So beautiful. I said a few prayers and devotions for the day and then I continued to work.


Frost on the fallen leaves.

Winter and I have come to an understanding.

My mum hated winter and would say she didn't like Autumn because she knew what was coming.

She was unhappy about the weather for 6 months of the year.

That's half a lifetime unhappy over the weather. 

Seems like a lot.

So...winter and I have come to an understanding...a meeting of the wills.

I will find a way to see the joy in winter and winter will seem more joyful to me.

You may have noticed that, for it's part, winter has done no compromising.

Winter is like that. 


My cat, Tucker, has taken to cat-napping on me while I am laying on the couch in the evenings.

I get my pajamas on, lay down on the couch with a comfy blanket, turn on the TV or pick up a book

and before you know it, here comes Tucker. He's pretty warm and cozy so I don't mind. 


My husband, Joe, or Hey-Joe as the grandchildren call him.

We got to spend some time together this week listening to music 

and watching a movie on the telly.

He works nights and weekends so we don't get a lot of quality time with one another anymore.

It's a nice treat.

~ ~ ~


  1. Time with Joe is a true blessing for you both. I'm glad you had that opportunity this week for a bit of extra together time.
    I am not much of a winter person (or humid summer, either). Moving to Ohio has pushed me to look for ways to appreciate such weather, if possible. I hope you share ways you have come to terms with winter, so I can try them too. The phrase 'bloom where you're planted' reminds me to find good things about winter and summer.
    BUT...having the sea there for you to enjoy daily is a true blessing (I miss the beach!)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. What a nice treat for the children. How lovely to see the sea on the way to work.

    I agree about winter. It's not my favorite. But there's no use wasting the mental energy to think negatively about it. It does have its advantages and nice features.

    The frosted leaves are so pretty. Glad you got some time with your husband.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are appreciating Winter more, as it's a lovely season. It gets pretty cold here and it snows, but I actually like the Winter more than the Spring and Summer. That was a good idea to take the kids on a walk. I just did a post about that when Francesca's teacher's homework assignment was to take a walk! It gives the kids a chance to explore outdoors and get some fresh air. A pretty photo of the frost on the leaves. I always enjoy your simple and wonderful posts, my friend. So thankful this Thanksgiving for your blog and words.


  4. I think this is the first time I have ever seen your husband! The frosty leaves are so pretty. And what a great idea to have fun with the kids!! I can almost smell it.

  5. Love the frost on the leaves. I'm with you about finding the beauty in every season. :). I am thankful I live in a place that has all the seasons.
    Sound like such a fun outing and time with your students.

  6. So glad you have some special time!

  7. That's a great experience you provided for the toddlers!! how fun!
    Glad you had some alone time with hubby!! he's a handsome man.
    I'm the same way about Winter. Can you say "NO mountain hikes and I'm not a skier or skater??" SO. a few years ago I decided to find the joy in winter: Cozy pjs, snow glistening in the sunshine, warm mugs of tea or steaming hot coffee with slippers on and a good book. More time to watch movies on Netflix and hulu. The crisp fresh air in the afternoons and local parks that are plowed on pathways to walk on.


  8. Sounds like you had lots of fun with the toddlers. Good to have some quality time with your husband and accepting that winter is coming and it's better to embrace it than fight it. I don't like the wet dark days of winter but I do love it when it's bright and sunny, even if it's cold. Have a good week.

  9. Your classroom treat sounds yummy and I can almost smell the deliciousness. I don't mind winter. I actually love snow and the cold crispness. The cold wind I'm not nuts about but that doesn't come everyday. I try to keep in mind that spring follows. Glad you had some special time with your love.


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