Armistice day

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And I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Write this:

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on."

"Blessed indeed," says the spirit,

"They will rest from their labours, for the deeds follows them."

Revelation 14:13


Quite a while back my cousin messaged me to ask if I would like my dear grandmother's

desk. I said yes but she had a time requirement which I was not able to make. 

Last weekend my brother called and asked if I still wanted it.

He had picked it up and would bring it by my house.

It is old and I don't mean antique old...just old and sort of beat-up.

I cleaned it up and did some minor repairs to the hinges.

Placed a picture of my beloved grandmother on the top of it. 

She was born in 1898! She lived to be 98 years old!

I still miss her and think of her often. 


My grandchildren at Camp Verne during my daughter and son-in-law's 


Everyone brought something good to eat.

It was a perfect day.


My husband and I went out for a very early breakfast at  the Driftwood, 

which is a little place just down the street.

It is on the harbour and has been in business since...I'm not sure.

Probably since the 1950s anyway...maybe longer.

I could see the sun rise reflected in the window across the street.

I quickly ran outside and took a few photos before my pancake order came.

You can see that there was another photographer down on the dock.

I got back to our table just as my favourite waitress was putting my pumpkin pancakes down.

Mmm, mmm, mmm were they ever good.


As I drove to work the other day I noticed a pile of garbage/treasure at the end of a driveway.

It was trash day. I backed my car up and jumped out to grab two beautiful old bowls.

One man's garbage is another man's gold.


Did I mention I have today off?

In honor of Veteran's day our school is closed today!

While I will never complain about having a Monday off for a long weekend

having a Friday off instead feels especially decadent. 

What a treat!

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Friday fave fives


  1. I love that your put your grandmother's portrait on the desk....she was beautiful! My paternal grandma lived to be 94. I so hope I take after her!!

    LOVE the sunrise pic and the pics of the children outside in nature....God's creation just beckens me this time of year...actually all year round but there's something about mid-Autumn that just cries out to me.

    I hope you have a restful day off!!

  2. I hope you show us the bowls. The sunrise is so gorgeous!! I love secretary desks. We gave our family antique one to our son, and we have one that is modern.

  3. I too have my gramma's desk! :) She died when she was 97 and died while I was holding her hand in her own bed!!
    What a beautiful sunrise.

  4. What a beautiful photo of the sunrise. That desk looks lovely and of course add on the sentimental value and definitely a treasure. Enjoy your long weekend.

  5. What a treasure that desk is! You are right about one man's trash being another's treasure, as that desk may mean nothing to someone else, but it means the world to you!

  6. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's holiday!
    Your photos of the sea always make me smile.
    Your grandma's desk is truly a treasure. I have my grandma's rocking chair and her cedar hope chest :)
    Have a good weekend, and keep celebrating.

  7. What a precious gift to have your grandmother's desk. And how nice that your brother got it for you and delivered it. Gorgeous picture!! I laughed when I read you ran out from the restaurant to take it and got back just in time. Sounds like something I would do. How fun to find those bowls.

  8. What a beautiful sunrise that you saw while you were at breakfast. Pumpkin pancakes sound Yummy. The restaurant has been in business for quite awhile. They must have good food. What a treasured piece of furniture your grandmother's desk is. And a very nice touch to put her picture on the top of the desk. I was given my mom's desk when she passed, and with this house being so small, I didn't have anywhere to put it, so I gave it to my neighbor. I'm glad it went to a nice home. How wonderful your grandmother was born in the 1800's, my favorite era. The Autumn trees are beautiful.


  9. What a gorgeous sunset. How nice that you finally got your grandmother's desk. I love furniture with a story behind it. My son and his friends in RI do "Friendsgiving," too. How nice to have Friday off!


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