the rhythm of a simple home

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low light of an autumn afternoon

It's been grey all last week and a breeze was blowing up from the harbour swaying the branches on the big old pine, puffing the curtains out in the living room window.

When I was younger I decorated more for the seasons. Now I am more subtle. I like to watch the way the  light changes as it glances in through the windows. I like to watch the leaves as they dance through the sky on their way down to the grass below. 

Now-a-days my autumn decorating is simple. A pottery bowl of small yellow chrysanthemums, a tiny pumpkin on a stack of old books, a lamp in the window to cheer the early darkness, a bowl full
of shiny red apples on the kitchen table. 

This is my very favourite time of year. It sets me twirling in the kitchen with soups, and roasts, and pies, and cookies. It draws me out of doors to walk along wooded pathways where trees are aflame with colour and comb the beach where the breeze is sweet and salty. Kabocha squash soup on the stove making the whole house smell delicious. 

Our chimney is real but we use an electric fireplace. I always light a fire place scented candle that has a wooden wick so it smells and sounds like a real fire. 

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The weather...
It's been raining off and on, grey, and windy for weeks now. I have had a wicked cold so it's perfect. 
Right now I am...sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee. The cat is drinking from his water bowl beside me. It's a quiet morning. 

Thinking...I've been reading Life in Five Senses and I want to be more mindful of my senses as I go about my day.

On my reading pile...I am reading Life in Five Senses by Gretchen Rubin. 

One my TV...Mostly Magnolia Network. I don't really watch a lot of television. 

Favorite blog post last week...

Something fun to share...Wasn't the full moon glorious last week? The harvest moon is my favourite. 

Blog hopping...

On the menu this week...

M: Squash soup, green salad, fresh bread 
T: baked potatoes w/vegan bacon and vegan sour cream, broccoli, salad
W: tomato, pepper, and cannellini bean pasta bake
Th: take away 
F: Lentils and rice with caramelized onions, spinach
Sa: left overs
Su: Roasted tofu with green beans and brown rice, salad

On my to do list...Put away the air conditioner in the guest room. I live in old town Marblehead, MA and many of the homes are pre-revolutionary. We don't have central air.

In the craft basket...I'm not really a craft person. I have done quite a bit of cooking this week though as I was home sick from work. My home looks warm and cozy and is super clean! 

Looking forward to this week...I just love October. I am looking forward to getting some walking done in the trails around my work. I like to leave a bit early so I can spend some time in the woods. 

Looking around the house...It looks lovely in here. I've really been able to do some deep cleaning because I was sick last week and couldn't leave.  I even got the window box planted with chrysanthemums and pumpkins. It looks so pretty. I hope the squirrels stay away from the pumpkins!

From the camera...squash soup ingredients...minus the squash which I had already cut up.

On my prayer co-teacher.

Bible verse, devotional...


Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have leaned in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content. 
Philippians 4:11

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  1. Keep feeling better!! Your menu sounds delicious.

  2. Thank you for including my blog in your blog hopping! Your home looks so cozy and lovely, and although we've had some beautiful weather of late here in South Carolina, it's still hot and I know I would like your weather better. I love rain. And wood wick candles are truly magical. But I'm sorry you've been sick and I hope that even now you are well on your way to feeling a hundred percent again. Here's to a happy autumn! xoxo

  3. Hope you feel much better by now! And yes, that moon was amazing. I missed it at night but had to be at work early the next day and seeing it huge over the horizon as I drove into work was incredible. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Sounds like a lovely start to the day...and to the month ahead. I really need - want! - to simplify my seasonal decor. It was fun when the children were younger but, somehow, it seems busy and overwhelming these days. I love your approach. And I love the idea of squash soup making the house smell yummy. Yes!!

  5. Love the cozy picture of your living room. You look like you are ready to enjoy the Fall season. glad you are feeling better - have a good week

  6. Your words about Fall were heartwarming, and it's my favorite season too. I love the picture of your fireplace. Your home is nice and cozy. The book you're reading is perfect for you, as you are a lady who uses all of the five senses in every day living. I smiled when you said you hope the squirrels stay away from the pumpkins. I have squirrels scurrying on my lawn everyday, and they don't seem to bother the two pumpkins on my porch. But like you, I wondered that as well. Your squash soup looks delicious, and just right for these cold days coming up. I've always loved your "rhythm of a simple home" posts, and it made me smile today. : )



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