pumpkin orange

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Once upon a time we lived on a rather tiny island connected to the mainland by a 2 mile causeway.

It was wild and rugged and just after a storm was my very favourite time to walk the coast line.

I found so many buoys that had broken off of their landings at sea and washed up upon the shore.

These two are colour suited for the season so I add them to a basket in the living room.

I am thankful for our time on that little island

and just as thankful to be back in our darling home town 

in our tiny little spot along the old harbour.

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  1. I love that area rug, it has so many colors woven in it. And I noticed the wee pumpkin and the other two pumpkins on the table, they're my favorite. It's nice that you have fond memories of your old place you lived at.


  2. They are perfect for fall in your coastal town!

  3. I think living on an island sounds completely romantic....cozy and exciting all at the same time! Your buoys look perfect in that basket!! Happy Autumn:)


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