Feels like fall

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Last night my husband stepped outside to the back deck and said, "Come here, quick!" so I got out there and we both watched Elon Musk's string satellites/star link sail through the night sky, over our heads, over the revolutionary era town we live in, and off into the heavens above. 

Pretty strange world we live in these days. 

Smallish orange pumpkins and red/orange mums are in the window box. 

I can see it from my living room and it looks quite pretty. I am hoping that it will take the squirrels a good long time to find the pumpkins. 


I lit the fire the other night.

Our home was once lived in by John Merritt who was in the revolutionary war. I believe he was one of the soldiers that rowed General Washington across the Delaware river. Unfortunately, the house was rebuilt about 130 years ago. I don't know why, perhaps fire or neglect?

We have a beautiful brick exposed chimney but no fireplace as people were using wood stoves for heat by that point. I believe that some of the bricks were original to the first house however. 

We use an electric wood stove and I burn a wooden wick candle that crackles and smells like a real fire place. It's very cozy. 


I made a delicious simple baked squash risotto the other night.

I used short grain brown rice and served it with broccoli. It was so good! 


I also made a delicious kabocha, celery root, and turnip soup which was even better than the risotto!

I was home sick last week and did a LOT of cooking!


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  1. I'm glad you weren't too sick to cook, this all looks so good. And looks just like fall. I have not heard of this Star Link! So what does it do? I think I will Google it.

  2. Interesting thing about who lived in your house before. I've been watching Hawkeye, the series, and I am really enjoying it. Oh, I love that little pumpkin photo with the Mums. The brick on your fireplace caught my eye, I like that. It's starting to look like Fall around your neck of the woods.

    Have a pleasant weekend.


  3. That room sure looks warm and cozy!!

  4. I'm impressed you had the energy to cook those delicious looking healthy meals while sick!! When i'm sick i open a can of campbells chicken soup and call it dinner. hahah (seriously I LOVE to cook and haven't been sick since having covid last Feb so.....). That risotta sounds amazing. Would you share with recipe?

    I'm trying to cut out all sugars and white carbs/bad carbs.

    I LOVE your living room...so cozy...and i would also love an electric fireplace. i love the candles that crackle...i have a cinnamon one for the holiday season.
    happy weekend!

  5. The first time I saw that line of satellites I did not know what it was. So many things go through your mind trying to identify them. Very interesting though!

  6. What a combination of history and technology is watching the satellite from a Revolutionary-era town.

    Your living room looks cozy. I love that some of the bricks are original.

    I'm also surprised you got so much cooking done while sick. When I am sick, all I want to do is curl up in a chair with a good book and then fall asleep.

  7. You are making my mouth water with that delicious sounding food. I have never had either of those but boy they sound good! Your living space looks so cozy.

  8. That's quite wonderful even to have the original bricks and to know the history of your home like that. Being from the Pacific Northwest, we were in awe of the historic Revolutionary era homes that we saw when we visited your part of the country.


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