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The weather has been beastly hot and humid or raining almost all summer long. These past few weeks, however, have been a bit of foreshadowing of Autumn. The nights and mornings have been cooler.

Right now I am recovering from a lithotripsy/uretoscopy and stent placement.
I've been having trouble with kidney stones for a few years now. They just keep coming back and getting bigger and lodged in my ureta. Not much fun! 
I had a list of things I wanted to do this weekend but instead I am home recovering.

Thinking...honestly, of how blessed I am to have a beautiful home to recover in, great medical care and a doctor that I really like and trust, and a health problem that is serious but not life threatening.

On my reading pile....I've been reading N. Scott Momaday. He is a native American writer and pulitzer prize winner. I really enjoy his books. 

On my TV....we have been binge watching Reservation Dogs. Love it!

I don't have a favorite blog post this week. 

Something fun to share:

I was camping last weekend with my family. 
My daughter is helping my youngest granddaughter (she's 2) to toast marshmallows.
She insist on doing it her way...she just shoves it into the fire until it catches on fire!
My daughter blows it out and my granddaughter laughs and says, "I did it!"

blog hopping...This is a fairly new blog for me. I think this is only the second time I've posted here. 

On the menu for this week...Oh my! I plan on making some lentil soup and fresh oatmeal bread.
After that I'm not sure...I'm not feeling much like eating so it will probably be a week where we just eat lightly. It's just my husband and I and we are both 60 so we can do that. 

On my to do list...pack for next weekend. I am going to visit my sister with my daughter, son-in-law and their three children. My sister and her husband are empty nesters as well and they have a beautiful home with a pool and a hot tub. My sister has been trying to get my grandchildren to come spend some time in the pool so it should be a lot of fun...even if it is a very busy weekend!

In the craft basket...I have been doing a lot of journaling lately. Not too much crafting.

Looking forward to this week...healing and feeling better.

Looking around the house: 

I just love the way the morning light shines into our living room window. 
We have a small flat just up the hill from the harbour in a coastal town in New England.
We can smell the water and hear the birds. I love it!

From the camera:

A view from our campsite in N.H. last weekend.
So pretty.

On my prayer list:
My sister who has been living with cancer since 2009. 
My grandchildren who I pray will be able to grow up in a world that is peaceful.
and my own healing and that I will stop creating giant kidney stones. 

Bible verse, devotional...

I recently read that August is the Sunday of summer.
It made me think of Psalm 46,
Be still and know that I am God. 

Summer can be such a busy time but August, and most especially toward the end of August is a time for slowness and rest. 
Find a spiritual spot and a place of gratitude.

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Encouraging hearts and home


  1. I love your photo from "around the house" - nothing quite as magical as morning light streaming through the windows!! I hope that you have a peaceful week and are feeling fully recovered quickly. Some homemade oatmeal bread sounds delish - and just thing for a good recovery:)

  2. My friend, I have to tell you that I got a tear when I read the Psalm verse you shared today. It is my very favorite, and I thank you for letting me hear it again. I'm so sorry your sister is sick, and I'm sorry for you that you have kidney stones. What a beautiful campsite picture. And I love the last picture with the mist coming from the water's edge. Funny story about your granddaughter and the toasted marshmallows. Yes, the rhythm of a simple's my favorite place to be.


  3. I LOVE this. I'm going to participate. Is there a link i have to do??

  4. Love the campsite pictures. Heal well and enjoy your time at your sister's. Lentil soup and fresh oatmeal bread... ooooh love this. Have a great week

  5. I love to see the nature photos. I say a prayer for your sister.

  6. I am so sorry about your kidney stones! I have heard the pain in among the worst there is, yet you have never whined or complained! I hope you have a blast this weekend. And you know how I love your home!

  7. It is absolutely beautiful where you live!!! Stunning! And your living room decor is pretty!!!! Im glad you shared, and your blog is wonderful I look forward to reading more!

  8. What a beautiful campsite and view!!! Was it in a state park? We are staying at a tiny house in Maine this coming weekend, and it's located in a campground which looks very nice. We did tent camping for many years while our kids were growing up (right into their college years) and it made for some wonderful vacations.

    So sorry to hear about those kidney stones. We have a friend who got rid of some truly awful ones by drinking apple cider vinegar. I don't remember the particulars, but I can ask him if you are interested.

  9. Hope your recovery goes well. That view from the campsite is so beautiful. Joining you in your prayers. Have a wonderful week!


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