summer afternoon


My brother, sister, and I buried our mother's ashes on Friday morning. 
It was just very simple, just the three of us.
We went out to lunch at one of my mum's favourite restaurants afterward.
The waitress very kindly took a photo of the three of us with Marblehead harbour in the backround.
The ashes had been delivered to my brother and he put them in the car and took a spin around Marblehead.
They drove past the home we grew up in and all of her very favourite places.

My sister and I had an impromptu picnic on the beach of an evening. 
It's been beastly hot but there was a little breeze coming off of the water and it was a lovely to while-a-way the twilight as we watched the young families with their children and reminisced about when our own children were younger. 

This is an example of what the old hand-tub looks like. This one is from Mystic, CT. but my son-in-law pumps for one closer to home. 

My grandson, Verne, is too young to pump but he helps out by pushing the hand tub up to the starting position and back out when their turn is done. 

I took a selfie with Natalie and my sister, Holly. 

And I grabbed Verne as he ran by me for selfie as well.

After the muster my daughter and son-in-law hosted a big barbecue for everyone at their house.

This was the hometown muster held in town greene and they live close by.

You can't really see it in this picture but the rain held off just long enough for people to set up pop-tents
for everyone to stand under.
Abigail grabbed her rain boots and danced in the rain! She was soaking wet and having the best time!

There was a very large crowd and everyone brought something to eat...
hamburgers, hotdogs, steak tips, sausage, pork ribs, all kinds of side salads...
but Verne liked the fresh steamers and corn on the cob the best!

Natalie napped for most of the party but I couldn't resist posting this picture just because
she's so darn cute!

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  1. I think my favorite is Abigail dancing in the rain. It is the perfect image of childhood innocence and joy. Your family photos are wonderful! It seems to me that your Mom would have really loved this family send-off. Natalie is adorable and bright eyed!!

  2. I hope you are at peace burying her ashes. The muster sounds like a fun event!

  3. That must have been an emotional day for you. It was a nice get together afterwards. I love the picture of Abagail with her boots in the rain. Sometimes we just have to let the rain fall on us. A picture to be framed. ; )


  4. That sounds like a great way to handle burying your mother's ashes. I'm glad you could do it with your brother and sister.The muster and barbecue sound fun. That's amazing Verne is old enough now to help with the hand tub.

  5. Such a special day in many ways...and those kiddos are awful cute!

  6. yeah for the granddaughter who dances in the rain. She's my kind of gal!! (my youngest...a ballerina was like that too!).

    LOVE the pics and a muster sounds fun. Your grands are growing up so fast!

    Happy summer!


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