The Marblehead festival of arts has been going on for 57 years!

There is music in the streets, music in Crocker park,

mixed media, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and even sewing arts

set up in different places around old town. 

This year it's running from 1 - 4 July! I have been out and about checking everything out

and running into old friends that I haven't seen in a long time.

Even the recycling in front of the local liquor store celebrates with the colours of the season!

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  1. ...what a charming streetscape. I the Kousa Dogwood against the green building a a delight. Have a safe and fun 4th.

  2. Small town living at its best!

  3. That is pretty creative. Wish I could go to this, and all the festivities!!

  4. An enchanting town!
    Love the photos.

  5. this sounds great (as I am sure, the bend sound great as well).


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