The rhythm of a simple home


This is the table that my son-in-law made for me.

I have some tiny, pottery vases filled with bits of Lavender and other little things

something gone to seed and a feather...

When they were growing up, my children often said that they wished we had new things in our house.

But everything in my home has a story and most of it is old.

As I sit to drink my coffee in the early morning hours 

I always think of my son-in-law in his workshop building the table

and my grandson helping his father sand the wood,

my granddaughter playing underfoot,

 my daughter making dinner and holding the baby.

The wooden table top is reclaimed from the jail of the small town my son-in-law grew up in.

He has a friend who was doing some work there and they let him keep the old wood.

I think of it as a table of amazing grace

Once upon a time a sinner may have entered that Andy Griffith jail cell lost

but come out found.

Blind but now they see.

"Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. What an amazing gift he made you.

  2. That's a beautiful table and what a thoughtful gift with an amazing story to it. The tiny vases are beautiful too.


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