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♥♥  As I look outside my window ♥♥
Cloudy and grey. It's been this way since Saturday and will continue being cold, rainy, and grey all week. It's rather discouraging but we do desperately need the rain. 
♥♥  Right now I am ♥♥ 
I am sitting at the kitchen table drinking my coffee. I will have to leave for work soon. I teach toddlers in a Montessori school.         
♥♥  Thinking and pondering ♥♥ 
I went to a new church on Sunday and I am thinking about how thirsty I am for the word of God in a worship setting. It's been a while since I have attended a church though I do read my bible regularly.         

♥♥ Listening to ♥♥
It's very quiet here at six in the morning.      

♥♥  How am I feeling ♥♥ 
I am feeling well. I wish I could motivate myself to get out for a morning walk but here I sit typing.     
♥♥  On the breakfast plate ♥♥ 
whole wheat cereal with oat milk, blueberries, and bananas. And coffee.          
♥♥   On the lunch plate ♥♥ 
soba noodles with vegetables.   
♥♥  On the dinner plate ♥♥ 
I think I will pick up some taco's on my way home from work.           
♥♥  What I'm wearing  ♥♥ 
At the moment I am still in my pajamas but I plan on wearing a pair of pink Lily Pulitze pants with an olive green t-shirt and a navy pullover sweater.        
♥♥  On my reading pile ♥♥ 
A bible study and a book by N. Scott Momaday. 
♥♥  On my TV this week  ♥♥ 
I haven't turned the TV on yet this week. I'm not a big TV fan. 

♥♥  On the menu  ♥♥ 

Tuesday - 
Wednesday -  
Thursday - 
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
I normally have a plan for the week but I was very busy with a class I am taking all day Saturday and then church on Sunday so I didn't get to my menu planning. This is why I am picking up take away tonight. I will make rosemary baked chick peas and brown basmati rice for dinner tomorrow night.

♥♥  Looking around the house  ♥ 
Today is dust and vacuum day.           
♥♥  To Do List ♥♥ 
Study for my finals on Saturday morning. I will be so happy when this class is done. I was supposed to finish it in one year but that would have meant going to an all day class every single Saturday. I wasn't willing to take all that time away from my family so I opted to finish it in three years. It feels like I've been doing it forever!!

♥♥  From the camera  ♥♥ 


My beautiful granddaughter graduated from her first year at pre-school this week! 

♥♥  Devotional, verse, thoughts  ♥♥

 The aim of our heart is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.
1 Timothy 1:5

grains, greens, and beans

This has not been my year for great health.

I've been suffering with large, persistent kidney stones.

It seems as if the moment they clear one out another one pops right back up.

I have changed my diet in the hopes of combatting some of the issues 

and keeping my kidneys healthy.


This morning's breakfast is open faced avocado toast.

Two slices of whole wheat toast.

I can only find whole wheat sour dough at a few stores. If you are used to white bread, try something different. It doesn't have to be whole wheat sour dough. Try oatmeal or plain sourdough. Pretty much anything is better for you than white bread.

sliced avocado or guacamole


lettuce, cherry tomato, bell peppers...and/or any other fresh veggies you may have on hand

a sprinkle of any or all of the following;

nutritional yeast, ground flax seed, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sliced almonds...


Toast the bread

spread the hummus on top of both slices

sprinkle the seeds, nuts, spices, and nutritional yeast on top

spread guacamole or avocado slices on top of that

place halved cherry tomatoes and lettuce on top

sprinkle with apple cider vinegar

Enjoy with a piece of fruit, a glass of lemon water, and a very large napkin!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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  1. Your day sounds lovely. That's a dear picture of your granddaughter at pre-school. I loved hearing about your morning, as it's my favorite time of the day; everything is still, looking out the window with a hot cup of coffee. The Timothy verse is a special one, thank you for sharing that. I'm sorry you are suffering with kidney stones, and I do hope you find some good care and treatment for that. Sourdough bread is yummy with a little butter and jam. Have a nice day, and it's wonderful that you teach toddlers every day. : )


  2. You eat really healthy! Oh, I am so sorry about the kidney stones. I have heard it is the worst pain there is. Several of my friends have had them. What is the class you have been taking? Pre-school graduations are always so cute! I love watching the kids walk on stage with their cute little outfits.

  3. ouch kidney stones! I had a few every year and now it seems less and less, don't know why.
    Wow, working & school, you go girl! Have a great week

  4. I'm trying to get motivated to do morning walks again also. Seems like the TO DO list always takes over though and needs to be addressed first thing. 3 years is a long time, but I admire you for putting family first and taking the longer route. I hope you're having a GREAT week.


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