peonies in the garden


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The summer before my mother passed away we planted a peony garden. 

She had ordered some from a fancy garden store and my daughter gifted us a bunch from her garden.

It's been three years since my mum has been gone and this year I feel like I may finally be able 

to get down into the garden without her. I've just let things go the past few years. I haven't even gone into

the yard at all as it's been just too painful to be there without her. 

The peonies are beautiful though. They are blooming like crazy and I know she would

be so happy about that. 


My older daughter, Hannah, is in Spain this week. She has been sending some beautiful pictures to me.

I'm so happy that she has been able to go to Europe. She is there by herself and though I am so happy 

for her to have this experience, I will also be very happy when her plane lands back on 

this side of the Atlantic and she is safe in her home.

I like all my loved ones to be home and accounted for. 


I completed my oral year-long project and my oral exam on Saturday!!

I've been taking a course to be Montessori certified. I could have completed it in one year

if I went every single Saturday from 8:00 to 5:00 but I didn't want to do that.

I have my little grandchildren that I wasn't willing to give up time with and  my sister was sick for some of

 that time and I wanted to be able to spend time with her, so I decided to stretch it out. Well, it's taken me

three long, long years but I am just about done! I still have the written finals on Saturday and I am looking

forward to finishing them up. At this point I don't even really care what kind of grade I get

as long as I pass and it's finished. 


I tried a new church last Sunday. I haven't been attending church because I haven't found one 

that is bible based and doesn't have politics that I don't agree with. 


Joe, my husband, and I have been having some great conversations when he get's home from work.

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  1. Good luck with your finals. I love peonies. Losing your Mum is hard but wouldn't she want you to enjoy the garden. Sometimes when I get down about things and go into major procrastination mood I know that my Mum would be telling me to stop faffing about. That works for me but I do know we all grieve in different ways. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. So is there a particular church you are considering now? I think churches are getting into dangerous territory when they start taking political views. Separation of church and state has a very good reason! Oh my, this Peony is stunning! I have never seen one this color combination.

  3. The peony is gorgeous! I think taking your time with the course for those reasons was the wise choice. You never get that time back and you'll still have your certification, just a little later. Good luck on your exams. How exciting for your daughter to get to go to Spain. That is on my bucket list. So beautiful. Wonderful that you and your hubby have that time for good conversation. I hope you find a good bible based church that you feel at home at.


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