Pink and Green

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My new eyeglasses came in the mail from Warby Parker!

I absolutely loved my old ones but they broke and even though they were able to repair them...

they just didn't sit right anymore so I had to buy a new pair. 

They are not the same colour and I am so disappointed about that but I can see better

and that is the whole point of glasses.


Saturday morning Joe and I went for a walk around the corner to the Driftwood for breakfast.

We hadn't been there for a while as I have started eating plant based 

and have dragged Joe along for the ride. 

On the way home we stopped at the town landing and Joe got a picture of me sitting on the dock.

There are almost no pictures of me because it usually me behind the camera.

I like this one even though you can't really see me. I'm in my happy place on the ocean. 


My brother invited me to a talk at the Saugus (MA) ironworks on Saturday afternoon.

One of our ancestors came there as an indentured servant and Scottish prisoner of war in the 1600s.

He went on to build the Claflin house in Wenham, MA where Gordon College is located. 

The talk was much more interesting than I thought it would be and I only nodded off in my seat once!


For Christmas last year my older daughter, Hannah, gave me a vintage turntable. 

I have loved listening to old records and once in a while I purchase a new one.

This is what the Link Wray re-release record I recently purchased looked like.

So fun!


On one of my morning walks I saw these bouys waiting to go out onto someone's lobster boat.

They look like Lily Pulitzer! So pretty!

I hope you have a happy Memorial Day weekend.

God bless those who are no longer with us. 

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  1. Yay for good eyeglasses. I was just thinking I need to check and see when my next eye dr. appointment is. Seems like it should be coming up.

    Your breakfast out sounds fun. I would love to live so near the water.

    The talk at the ironworks place sounds interesting.

  2. That photo of you is lovely and just perfect. The ocean is my happy place, too.
    That is interesting about your ancestors. (mine owned property in Connecticut that became part of Yale University)
    That record player is wonderful! My husband wants one so he can play his old records.
    Have a good weekend--and yes, we will be honoring our family members who have served in the military--fathers, my husband, my son.

  3. I sure can relate to a fave pair of glasses getting broken and not liking the new pair quite as much. You're area is so lovely, I can see why that is a happy place for you.


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