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Pink and Green

 ~ ~ ~ My new eyeglasses came in the mail from Warby Parker! I absolutely loved my old ones but they broke and even though they were able to repair them... they just didn't sit right anymore so I had to buy a new pair.  They are not the same colour and I am so disappointed about that but I can see better and that is the whole point of glasses. ~ Saturday morning Joe and I went for a walk around the corner to the Driftwood for breakfast. We hadn't been there for a while as I have started eating plant based  and have dragged Joe along for the ride.  On the way home we stopped at the town landing and Joe got a picture of me sitting on the dock. There are almost no pictures of me because it usually me behind the camera. I like this one even though you can't really see me. I'm in my happy place on the ocean.  ~ My brother invited me to a talk at the Saugus (MA) ironworks on Saturday afternoon. One of our ancestors came there as an indentured servant and Scottish prisoner of

Everything emptying into white

~ ~ ~  t Let all men see that you are gentle and kind.  The Lord is coming soon. Philippians 4:5 International Children's Version ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ scripture and a snapshot

Your great puffs of flowers

~ ~ ~ I have been going to my grandson, Verne's, T-ball games on Thursday evenings. I was able to get this great picture of Verne and his dad, Dan. I am so lucky to have such a devoted son-in-law!   I drive to her house after work and after a quick dinner we all walk to the town greene  where the game is held.  Verne's younger sisters, Abigail and Natalie, love to play on the grass during the short game. Abby brought her own little ball and was throwing it up in the air as high as she could... just watch out that it doesn't land on your own head! Selfie's are always fun! I bought myself a new pair of prescription sunglasses! I haven't had a new pair in about 10 years so it's a nice treat! Lilacs are blooming all over town!  It smells so lovely every time I open door or window! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Friday Favorites