a basket from the farmer's market


A basket from the farmer's market.

When I was a child my mum always had a fruit basket on the kitchen table. 

Fruit was always an option if we were hungry at any time during the day.

I had the same when my children were young and I noticed while visiting my daughter

last week that she had a basket of apples on her table for her children.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

I tend to put a basket of vegetables on the table as well. 

Root veggies mostly since they don't need to be refrigerated. 

I think that they look beautiful and why should fruit have all the fun!

My favourite part is that everything (even the basket) came from the local farmer's market.

It's so important to support local farmers.

Healthy food - healthy planet - healthy us

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  1. I need to get back to the farmers market. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/08/classics.html

  2. That's a nice idea to have a veggie basket on the center of your table. I appreciate the farm workers so much. I just recently went to a farmer's market with my daughters when visiting them. Sweet memories you have of your mom and the fruit basket she always had on her kitchen table. It's those little things our moms did that we remember the most. : )

    Wishing you happy days in September.


  3. a great idea. I would love to see pics of the basket with food in in, and where you put it.

  4. I also keep a basket of fruit on the side counter: bananas, lemons, limes, oranges. I tend to keep apples refrigerated although sometimes when I have bright shiny empire ones I do put them in my white crock....love the look!

  5. Good to have memories of parents. Mine have both passed now… Michelle

  6. That's a lovely idea. i have a bowl that we sometimes use to put fruit in. I should do that more often. it's great to support local farmers too


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