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  So I have this thing with cookbooks. I know that I can get all this information on line  but I just love the old books.  I just picked up a new one at the second hand shop. It's an awful pretty blue and it's filled with Greek recipes! I'm looking forward to trying some of them.  ~ I have a new macbook.  I love it and I'm sure I'll love it even more when I figure the darn thing out! ~ My husband and I were set to go visit my sister and her husband at the end of June. Unfortunately, he went into kidney failure and was hospitalized for 4 days.  They sent him home just before Independence Day and he was still saying that he felt dizzy. He had to go for some lab work before seeing his doctor for a follow up appointment and just as I got home from work the lab called and told him to get to the hospital right away. he went for another 5 days! They finally have it under control. They took him off of some of his medications and lowered the dose on a few others. It


  ~ ~ ~ t This is my commandant: love one another as I love you. John 15:12 My mother left me many gifts. Though she’s been gone just over a year now I still stumble upon ordinary and unforgettable things when I am moving through my day.  Searching unsuccessfully for my old apple pie recipe I finally turned to my mum’s old Fanny Farmer cook book. It’s a bit tattered and I don’t open it very often because my hands have reached the age where I can tell just how much to put where just by the feel of things. The cover of the book fell open and I glanced down to see the handwriting of one of my my mother’s dearest an oldest friends. It was dated August of 1977. I can’t remember what was happening at that time or why Nancy would have gifted my mum this book back then. Perhaps we had just moved… It made me pause to think about how many women’s life long friendships the Fanny Farmer cook book has seen. How many women making apple pie or creamed asparagus to bring to a friend in need? My mother

On dragonfly wings

  Today is the first day of the Marblehead Festival of Arts! The little harbour town that I live in has been having a festival of arts every Fourth of July since 1966! It lasts for 5 days, this year it runs from 1 July through 4 July. There are all kinds of artwork displayed in churches and antique buildings, there is music daily in Crocker park, and on the Fourth there is a beautiful harbour illumination and fireworks!  I happened to notice a sweet little mama robin and her baby in a nest just under the stairway as I looked out the guest room window into the back garden. As I watched them the mama flew away and came back with a treat for her little one.  Joe and I treated ourselves to lobster rolls on Tuesday evening.  They were made my very favourite way, warm with nothing but butter and a little bit of seasonings. So delicious!  Fort Sewell  is located just up the street from me and was recently renovated. The held a celebration for the town which included the Glover Regiment lighti