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Polly put the kettle on

So much has happened! I hardly know how to begin my story. It may be best if I start where I am and ramble my way in a sort of backwards direction.  Perhaps you might like a cup of tea? We have pie. If we are to begin where we are then it is just here at the edge of the harbour in our quiet little town  At the very beginning of the Fourth of July. Of an evening Joe and I strolled down to the town landing to watch the world for a little while. This young man was cleaning out the bait in his traps and tossing treats out to the seagulls who were quite courteous and patient which is very unlike their normally greedy and loud behavior.  As you can see the harbour is full in high summer.  I’ve heard it said that in mid July, if you had a mind to, you could jump across the harbour, from boat to boat and never get your feet wet. Joe and I are quite content to sit on a bench by the water and enjoy the gloaming. It sure is pretty at this time of year.  Tomorrow I shall endeavor to tell you more