First Snow


Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, Bonnie.

She brings me so much joy.

My first snow day of the year! I work at a Montessori school and we are getting our first big snow storm of the year so....


 I made my own hummus last weekend. It was delicious. I added a little bit of turmeric along with the chickpeas, lemon, tahini, and garlic. 

I plan on eating a more plant based diet this year. It's only been a week and I'm already feeling better. I did eat two slices of mushroom pizza last night and ended up having heartburn so it will be a good long time before I eat dairy again. 

Each month one of our families brings in a bouquet of flowers. 

We cut most of the stems off and place them on a tray which we place on the children's table.  We place another tray with a very small pitcher and a few very small bud vases. 
The child fills up the pitcher using water from the bathroom sink, brings it back to the table and pours the water in a bud vase of their choosing. Then they add flowers and place their beautiful flowers in a special place in our classroom. 
Our classroom is filled with tiny vases!

We also place the big bouquet of flowers on the children's table with large pieces of paper and paint, markers and crayons in the same colours as the flowers. I teach toddlers so this is very abstract art.
It's the process not the project.

My new car did wonderful on it's first ride through the snow! 
Did I mention that today is a snow day for me?
It bears repeating since it makes me so happy!

~ ~ ~


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