Tis the season


I placed a Christmas planter on my parent's grave. 

I was glad to be able to do it. I know my mum would have liked that. 

We got our tree up and decorated over the long weekend. 

It looks beautiful.


The Marblehead (my town) Magicians, which is the high school football team won the Division 3 championship on Thursday night. I don't really have any idea what that means but it was so fun to drive home and see the parade and all the people walking through town so happy! It was televised so every one had seen the game.


I decorated my kitchen window so that whenever I am doing the clean up chores everything looks cheery and Christmasy.


I got my nails done on Thursday night. I'm going away with my sister and our three cousins this weekend and my nails were a mess. I wash them so much at work that they just dry out and break. I think the gel polish will help to protect them a bit. I got a pedicure as well. 

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  1. I love every one of your faves this week. Yes, your mom would love that Christmas cheer on her grave. I wish I were close enough to do that for my parents.
    As I read your fave about decorating your kitchen window, I looked over at mine and realized there is NOTHING there. I must remedy that. I love your glimmering green shamrock.
    Sometimes we just need some professional care with our nails.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I hope you have a great getaway! Your tree is a real vision, and your kitchen window is so artfully and joyouslly beautiful!

  3. Your tree looks lovely and what a great idea to decorate your kitchen window. Enjoy your trip

  4. How fun your nails look.....a perfect color for December. I don't typically wear polish due to all that hand washing teaching little ones. I do need a good pedicure though before winter officially gets here. Maybe i will treat my self for my birthday next week.

    LOVE your tree and how fun to see your hometown parade.

    your Christmas planter on your parents' grave looks very pretty.

  5. Congratulations on your town's football team winning the championship. That is a great thing. My son played football for many years, so I am familiar with this. The Christmas planter with the red bow and pine cones is a perfect gift to put on your parent's site. And your tree is so pretty. Your nails look good to me, as mine are short and don't fuss with them too much. But I did want to put some nail polish on when I visit my family soon. : ) I like all the light coming through your kitchen window.


  6. How bittersweet to lay a wreath on your Mama's grave.. Your home looks cheerful and welcoming.

  7. Your window and your nails are glorious!

  8. It's nice to remember your mom in that way. Unfortunately, I live 1,000 miles away from where my mom is buried, so I have never gotten to take anything to her grave. But my two sisters have, and they send pictures, so that helps. We got our decorations up over the long weekend, too. I love the lights especially. How neat to have cheery decorations in the window.

  9. I'm feeling a kinship with you as I read this, friend .... I made up a basket of greens to put on my dad's grave a few days ago. It's always a bittersweet visit.

  10. I like what you chose for your parents. I need to get the wreath to my hubby's this week. Your nails look great. Always fun to be pampered with nails and a pedi.

  11. I hear ya on the handwashing, messed up hands and nails thing! I haven't had a manicure since covid started and my esthetician daughter moved away. Well I had nice nails for a year or so and now back to the same old.. LOL. The Christmas planter is lovely. As is your tree. I love seeing everyone's trees and how their personality comes out in the decorations. Have fun on your weekend with your sisters.


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