Hannah-Banana and the Bons


I am thankful for my daughters.

I wasn't always sure I was doing everything right when they were growing up. 

Lord knows I made some mistakes.

But I loved them more than anything....still do even though they are thirty something.

They turned out good even through my clumsy parenting.

I am so proud of who they are as woman, both so different and yet both so beautiful, and compassionate, and kind, and full of strength.

~ ~ ~

Thankful Thursday


  1. Sounds like you have wonderful daughters. Mine are both so different also, yet the same in ways. I was only 20 when I was pregnant with Nel, so I was unsure if I would do all the right things as a Mom. But then we love them with all our hearts, and the rest will come into place as we learn about motherhood. Those are unusual and lovely white flowers.


  2. I'm thankful for my two daughters as well. Both are the same in many ways yet different...in good ways.....i was an "older mom" gave birth to Courtney at age 33 (she's now 28) and birth to Claire at age 39 (she's now 23). I'm thankful I didn't have them in my 20s because 1. I would have been a single mom and THAT is hard; 2. I wouldn't have gotten a masters degree or had a good start on the teaching career, and 3. God was still shaping me and molding me and I just was NOT grown up enough emotionally to be a mom in my 20s. It all works out for the best doesn't it? your daughters sound delightful.


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