A diary of home


I love to visit my daughter, Hannah's house. 

She lives in a big, old, Victorian era duplex. This is her dining room. Joe and I were there on Christmas morning and she made french toast. 

I always end up walking around taking lots of pictures in her house because the light from the old windows is so beautiful and soft. She has so many old, antique things about. 

It's just so pretty.

She found this beautiful old table at a second hand store! It's under her kitchen windows and she's placed a terra cotta pot filled with vintage Christmas balls ornaments and a lemon tree plant. 

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What's going on in your home?


Roasted winter vegetable and white bean chowder/green salad/fresh bread


roast chicken with tangerines, green olives and silan/jasmine rice/brussel sprouts


roasted roots and their greens with wheat berries and horseradish cream


braised beef with semolina dumplings


green salad with fruit and chevré


fresh fish/green beans/roasted potatoes


white beans with sage/fresh bread

orange walnut raisin cake

homemade orange marmalade

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Grace at home

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  1. I know what you mean........I love looking around at everything when going to my daughters' houses. They always seem to have interesting things to look at, some whimsical, some eclectic, some old, and some new. Your daughter's dining room looks cozy and nice. And the candles with the greenery makes it look even prettier.

    Have a wonderful week.


  2. You will sure be eating well. Hannah's table is gorgeous! She has a talent for decorating as well, she must take that after you.


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