Ode to a pine


Just outside my kitchen window is a big old jack pine tree. 

I find it rather ironic that such a large tree produces such tiny little pinecones.

Just beyond the tree is an antique house that was probably built some time in the early 1800's.

Just beyond that house is the Marblehead harbour. 

My house was originally built in the 1700's but has been rebuilt since then.

The original owner was Captain John Merritt who fought in the revolutionary war. 

There is a chance that big old jack pine was a sapling back then which is what I think of 

when I put a bowl of it's tiny pinecones on my kitchen table. 

The lights are a reflection. The tree is too large to light without a crane of some sort and our street is a very windy and narrow one way with one ways on either side of it so a crane would hardly fit and would be considerable trouble if it did. 

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  1. so pretty....i love pines and balsams.

  2. Wow, I didn't know your house was built in the 1700's, that's amazing. So much history in your charming house. I like the window view, and especially that little red stocking. What a wonderful big tree, and it's so nice of your town to decorate it with lights.. I also have pine trees in my front yard in the mountains, and a lawn covered with pine cones, which makes me smile. Have a lovely week.


  3. yu live in a very historoc house! Is it on the registry of historic houses? Your kitchen window and cabinets are just like ours. i love looking out the window when I do the dishes, and you would have a wonderful view as well. I love what you have done with the window!

  4. My word! That's a mammoth pine!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/11/old-mill-of-guilford.html

  5. Beautiful! Both the houses and the old tree.

  6. If trees could talk.......Michelle


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