a worm in the hand


We are blessed by a humble bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums on the kitchen table.

When the morning sunlight shines upon them they appear as pretty as the most glorious flowers 

in the grandest of gardens.  

Perhaps it is not only what we have but how we see what we have that makes the most impact.

One of the children in my class has started to find worms while we are out on the playground.

He actually finds a surprisingly large amount of them!

We do have to be sure he hasn't got any in the pockets of his jacket before we go in for snack...                and be sure that his hands are well washed!

My husband has been making me laugh a lot lately. We've been friends since we were 11 years old.

We both went our own ways after high school and after circling around quite a bit ended up together when we were about 47. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.

I went to see my daughter, Hannah, yesterday. She invited me to dinner and said she wanted to make a roast chicken but was afraid she would mess it up.  I offered to come early and we could make the roast chicken together. So, I shared my roast chicken recipe and we also had purple fingerling potatoes and carrots. Everything was delicious but the best part was cooking with my daughter. 

I also got the booster shot for COVID yesterday. I felt fine at my daughter's house but this morning I'm feeling a bit nauseous and my arm hurts quite a bit.  

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  1. When we got the third booster, our arms hurt more than usual. Isn't it funny how most little boys just love worms! Your mums are lovely! It is so nice to teach our children something, even though they are grown and on their own.

  2. Oh i hope you recover quickly from the covd booster. I haven't decided if i'm going to get it or not as our preK agency isn't mandating it.

    Those flowers are just perfect for mid autumn.

    How fun little ones are with all that they discover in Nature.

    I hope you have a great weekend

  3. Time with our daughters is precious indeed, whether it is cooking or hiking (me).
    That photo of the little hand holding the worm is so cute. I love that he enjoys 'digging in the dirt'.
    Love that photo of your husband--and that sweet story.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. That’s neat how you and your husband got together. I like that thought that how we see what we have makes so much difference.

    So cute to see that little hand full of worms. Digging in the dirt is so fun for little ones.

    What a good way to create memories and have fun together with your daughter

  5. That is the most precious picture of the child and the handful of worms. I love the yellow flowers, and they are my favorite Autumn flower.. We call them Mums here, and they used to sell the biggest Mums in high school to get our friends around the football season. What a wonderful picture of your husband.



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