18 November


Tucker has been climbing onto my lap as I sit at the kitchen table and type away on my computer.

It's sort of nice to have a big fluffy, cuddly cat asleep on my lap but it does make it rather difficult to move my hands along the keyboard and keep my legs balancing him so he doesn't tip over.

My grandmother's birthday would have been at the end of this month and I always like to start listening to Christmas music with the song Ave Maria because it was her favourite. She liked the Perry Como version. She suffered through quite a bit of loss in her life. She always made me feel as if being with me was her sole reason for visiting. She had such beautiful eyes. 

One of our class mothers has brought in baskets of treats for the teachers. One of them was filled with three different boxes of tea. I've been enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon while the children are napping. It was so very sweet of her. I really enjoy her little girl and will miss her when she moves to "the big school" next door in January.

Yesterday this same mother gave our classroom an Amaryllis bulb. She had already planted it in a pretty pot and wrote a little note telling us how to water and care for it. 

My mum always had an amaryllis growing at this time of year. She would start it around Thanksgiving and sometime around Christmas it would be blooming. It's a wonderful thing for the children because the stem grows so quickly and so tall that they will actually be able to see it happening daily!

It will make this season a little easier for me seeing the joy that the children will share in watching the growth and knowing that it was one of my mother's favourite seasonal flowers. 


There is a house on the way home which already has all their Christmas lights up. It's so pretty!

The house is just as I drive into "old town" which is the part of town that I live in.

I haven't stopped to get a picture yet because by the time I'm driving home from work it's too dark to get a good shot. I plan on taking a walk there at just the right time of dusk this weekend. 


I also don't have a picture of the full moon! I've woken up to my whole bedroom lit up by moonlight the past few nights. It's beautiful. I haven't gotten a picture though. 

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  1. That's a cute picture of your cat on your lap. Your grandmother is lovely, and I see a resemblance between you and her. It's nice that you have wonderful memories of her listening to Christmas songs. Love that picture of the pumpkin and the tea pots.


  2. Your grandmother was beautiful! She looks like she was a very strong woman. How wild, my grandmother's burthday is later this month, and her favorite singer was Perry Como. She always talked about how he kept his barbering liscence updated, in case his fame did not last. You match your cat, what a lovely photo!

  3. That was sweet of your student's mom to give the amaryllis, and already planted at that. What a nice connection to your mom. That is a lovely photo of her.

  4. You're right!! Those eyes of your grandmother's....stunning!! What a fun and meaningful tradition you do to honor her...i love the Ava Maria song......

    Your students take naps???!!! WOW...i sure wish our special needs PreK kiddoes did...but our programming is 8:30-1 pm (Toileting/Health Checks; Free Play/Snack; Language Circle; Music and Movement; Centers; Gross Motor/Playground; Structured Play Groups; Sensory/Music; Lunch/Gym. As you can see...NO time for naps (our lesssons are in 30 min increments). You must work in a daycare?? I'm envious you get to have tea while students NAP!!

    YAY for having pretty plants to teach all kinds of things to little ones. My language group is currently taking care of Charlotte my Spider Plant...i had to get her out of hte house as I have no more room for her :)
    They love taking turns watering her and talking to her :)

    Enjoy the weekend!!! I wil lbe in the Boston area Wed night-Sat and I cannot wait!!!!! FIRST TIME SINCE BEFORE THE PANDEMIC HIT!!

  5. What a good idea to show your students how quickly an amaryllis will grow--your student's mom sounds like a gem.
    I am so ready for Christmas music!
    That is a lovely photo of your mom--she was beautiful.

  6. Such a lovely photo of your grandmother, and what nice memories you have. She sounds like a very gracious woman. I love the photo of your cat and your sweater is beautiful! Both look so cozy..

  7. P..S. I'm happy to see that my comment is going through! I've tried commenting in the past and sometimes it just doesn't work for me. I'm sure it's user failure on my end. I really enjoy your blog!

  8. Tucker is adorable. My cat likes to sit right on my hand that uses the mouse. They're so silly. How fun for the kids to watch the amaryllis grow. There are a few houses around my neighborhood that are already all lit up. We usually do ours the first weekend in December. You look a lot like your Grandma. Beautiful lady!


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