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Mornings have been chilly. 

I lit the little wood stove to take the chill out of the house while my sister and I were vacationing last week. Something about that is just so cozy. It was peaceful and relaxing to sip tea by the fireside and not have to leave for work. I wish I could do that every morning.

Back at home my husband turned on the heat for the first time this season.

I picked up a pumpkin from the garden center and it’s beginning to look and feel like Autumn!

I found a new scented candle. It is called Beach Pines and it is so wonderful.

They only have this brand at one store near me and it is in Salem. It’s on my way home from work but it’s October…in Salem, MA. So I have to wait till next month…when the tourists have all gone home to their bat caves, liars, and covens…to buy another one so I have been burning it sparingly.

I planted my autumn window box. It’s very simple with just a few chrysanthemums. My mum and I did quite a bit of gardening together and since her death in June I haven’t had much heart for anything to do with gardening. It felt nice to do some planting even if it was very, very simple. 

My daughter sent me this picture of my granddaughter in the car.

Apparently she hasn’t heard the rule about hands free driving. 

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  1. Yay for cooler morning temps that lead to glorious autumn days like this week has been! Wow...the heat already?. Not here yet although we did have to close the bedroom windows a bit more earlier this week.

    Cute pic of your grand Girl!!

  2. What an adorable photo! This area of your house is so beautiufl and cozy!!

  3. What an adorable photo of your granddaughter. Maybe she needs a hands free device :)
    I hope that autumn lingers a long time!
    Your window box is a good beginning to garden. Your mum would love the mums .

  4. The photo of your granddaughter is cute. We haven't had to turn on the heat yet here in TN, but we've been enjoying cool evenings and mornings. Your top photos do look cozy! I've yet to get out my fall decorations. We were out of town last week and my husband was sick this week. He doesn't like for me to rummage in the attic. Hopefully next week!


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