Toward the end of summer


Under the big old Beech tree in the playground at work.

I was snapping women pictures of the children and my phone happened to switch to selfie-mode.

So…I took a quick shot of myself.

My grandson’s first day of pre-school this year. 

His birthday is in October so he won’t start kindergarten till next year. This year he will go 3 half-days a week. He is very excited about it!

Joe and I walked to old Fort Sewell after dinner one evening this week.

There was a stiff breeze coming off of the ocean and we had our sweatshirts zipped up for the first time in months and months. The pre-revolutionary era fort had been closed for renovations for the past year and just reopened at the beginning of the summer. I had walked it earlier in the year but this was the first time Joe had seen it. They really did a spectacular job. There was some concern that they would “fix” things so much that it would be unrecognizable. The fort was established in 1644. It turned out that the restoration was perfectly done. 

Cosmos are one of my favourite flowers. I love the way that they bloom into the very end of summer, spilling out of their respective gardens onto sidewalks and walkways. I love that they bring to my mind the Carl Sagan quote, “The cosmos is wishing us. We are star stuff.”  Carl Sagan’s quote brings to my mind Joni Mitchell’s lyric, “we are stardust, we are golden…” which makes brings to my mind wandering around these narrow and twisting lanes of my old home town at the end of summer….cosmos spilling out all everywhere. I love that they are messy and beautiful and simple and pretty.

These Cosmos are reaching out of a garden bed beside the sea and casting their shadows over the rocks that my grandchildren use to scramble down to the beach when they come to visit. 

Goldenrod which was just nearby growing up through a crack in the sidewalk. 

I love that deep golden yellow colour. No one plants this in their gardens but that doesn’t stop it from blooming all Willy-nilly where ever it can establish itself. 

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  1. You have such a beautiful place to walk. The fort is unusual looking...partly undergouund? We used to have some Cosmos, they are so showy and have such pretty colors!

  2. Beautiful post. I love Cosmos too! So glad that your grandson is so excited about preschool. That is a precious picture of him. That old fort looks so interesting. I love history and would love to visit it! So glad it has been restored. Have a good weekend.

  3. Fort Sewell reminds me of Fort McHenry in Maryland. Maybe they were built in a similar time. The renovations look very well done.
    Cosmos--yes, I have some growing in my garden this year.
    Did you know that goldenrod is a traditional flower used in herbal medicine? (I take a bit of goldenrod tincture daily to counteract allergies) It is both beautiful and useful as well as resourceful.

  4. So much history in your area! Love the cosmos. And the goldenrod is lovely too. How exciting for your grandson to start preshcool! He looks very cute in his first day clothes and backpack!

  5. You have a beautiful walking area and great to see a selfie of you. It's a good one! I love Cosmos too and grew a little bit this year. Not as much as usual. Thanks for linking up and have a great week.

  6. What beautiful surroundings. That's wonderful that the fort restoration didn't go too far. I hope Verne enjoys pre-K!

  7. What a cute picture of your grandson on his first day of pre-school. My Francesca
    started pre-school as well, and it made my heart sing to see her picture. Well, now
    I am reading that this yellow flowering plant is a Cosmo. I wonder if it's the same
    ones I see here, and I started to see them at the end of Summer. Your photos are
    always so soft and lovely.



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