I am thankful for the sunflowers. 

This is a photo from last year. 

My mum passed away at the end of June this year 
so I’m happy to have this picture of her with the sunflowers.

Two years ago she sold her house and moved into a first floor apartment 
And my husband and I moved into the second floor.

We made some wonderful memories in this little three family home in Marblehead, MA.
My cat would walk up and down the stairs between our house and my mum’s. 
We had upstairs/downstairs holidays and we always included the sweet girl who lived on the third floor. 

My mum would make us her famous spaghetti casserole or my husband’s favourite chicken a la king.

I would stop on the way home from work to pick up some ice cream for her.

During the pandemic she and I planted the entire perennial garden! 

It was such a rare and wonderful opportunity to be able to work this way with my mother.

I mentioned that I loved pink roses so she ordered a very fancy pink rose bush 

and every morning we would look to see if there were any blossoms. 

She would text me and say, “Kara, there’s another blossom on your rose bush.”

We planted sunflowers in the front garden beds and they grew as tall as her bedroom window!

I will always be grateful for the two years we got to live so close together.

~ ~ ~

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  1. so special (and unusual nowadays!!) to live in the same hourse as your beloved mother. Cling to those wonderful memories.

  2. What a huge blessing this time with your Mom was, rich with such wonderful memories. Your sunflower photos are joyous and sunny!


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