Singing a new song


Here are a few of the things that I am grateful for this week. 

Tucker Huckleberry Finn

I love this cat.

I got a nespresso maker and I love it.

I was visiting my sister and she had one. The coffee was great so I decided to get one as well. 

I purchased a few small cups from a vintage shop as well. 

I bought a new car. Actually, it’s the first brand new car I’ve ever owned.

It’s a Honda HR V and so far I love it. 

I went to see my grandchildren at the beginning of the week. I hadn’t seen them in too long.

As usual they are cuteness personified. 

On Wednesday night I went to see my daughter, Hannah.
She lives in Haverhill which is a very ethnically diverse little city. We went downtown for a burger and all of the old buildings were so beautiful.

I couldn’t help but to take some pictures as we walked from the car to the restaurant. 

~ ~ ~


  1. It's good to see you! I have never heard of this Honda, but do know the CRV. It looks a bit like our car. We have the first new car we have ever had, as well. After over 50 years! Your grandchildren get more beautiful with time.

  2. What a wonderful week! I may need an insulin shot from all the sweetness in those photos of your grandchildren. Adorable!
    Haverhill looks like a great place to explore (and take pictures).
    We like our older Honda CRV very much. Yours should last you a long time.

  3. Your grandkids are definitely cute!

  4. Congratulations on the new car! What cute grandchildren. Your daughter lives in such a lovely city.


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