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Before my mother passed away at the end of June I had planned a camping trip for the end of July.

I was planning on going alone because no one wanted to go but my eldest daughter, 

Hannah, said she would like to go with me.

After my mother’s death I was dreading the trip…I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

I knew Hannah was coming though and because we don’t get to spend much time together 

I decided that I would go and enjoy myself.

We had the best time!!

I even played my guitar…which I have absolutely no talent for whatsoever.

I just strum away on it because it’s fun. 

It was so nice to spend time with Hannah.

I love that my grown children are so interesting. I truly enjoy spending time with them. 

We have bunnies at the Montessori school where I work! 

We’ve named them Maria and Mario after Maria Montessori and her son. 

The children love them and so does the faculty. 

So much cuteness and fun!

The children have been using water colours in the classroom.

It really is a privilege to be able to observe a toddler discover water colour paint for the first time.

We took a little hike along one of the lakes on the state forest where we were camping.

We also decided to come back again in September!

~ ~ ~ 


  1. I've been having my preK students experiment with watercolors too!! so fun for them.

    LOVE that you decided to go camping anyways....the woods, mountains and lakes are so charactic. At least for me. And how very special your oldest daughter said she would go. Is she the one with the children?

  2. How wonderful that you have been able to have peace and enjoyment at such a sad time for you!!! Your daughter is beautiful.

  3. How lovely to spend time with your daughter, Cute bunnies. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I'm so glad you went camping and your daughter went with you. What a fun and relaxing time together. After such a loss, sometimes we feel like holing up and not doing anything. But it helps to get out and do things like this. What cute bunnies! And I love your love for exposing children to wonders like bunnies and paint.

  5. Oh, that lake is going to be amazing in September, blazing with color!
    I'm glad you had that camping trip with your daughter. It was undoubtedly a healing and relaxing time for you both. And yes, it is a blessing when your children enjoy spending time with you.

  6. What a lovely time it looks like you had with your daughter. I'm glad you decided to go in spite of not feeling like it. I'm sure it was very healing. I love the bunnies. So cute.


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