Walking wild

We have had so much rain! 

I despair it will never be sunny again. 

Mushrooms are all over the place!

I am not all that familiar with what kinds of wild mushrooms are what…

But I think that they are so beautiful.

Did you know that Beatrix Potter was an illustrator of mushrooms?

Actually she drew scientific pictures of all kinds of spores and identified quite a few of them.

Some of her illustrations are still being used in textbooks today!

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  1. We love Beatrix Potter, and have quite a few of her drawings and writings. But not the mushrooms! I did not know this! I will have to look it up.

  2. Mushrooms are fascinating, though I can't revognise many of them either. Beatrix Potter's scientific illustrations were as amazing as her illustrations for her children's books. Can we swap our hot sunshine for some of your rain?

  3. Love this fun fact about Beatrix! Good to be reading your words again.

  4. No I didn't know that and I am going to look her up...


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