23 July


I’ve been seeing mushrooms growing all over the place! 

We’ve been having nothing but rain and humidity this summer.

Tucker’s meow box came in the mail the other day.

He gets pretty happy when that happens. 

The other day, just about a month after my  mother’s passing, I noticed a dragonfly in my classroom. We took some pictures and let it go. 

My aunt’s 90th birthday celebration was on Sunday. It was bittersweet to be there without my mum but it was nice to see everyone on a happier occasion. 

Last night a mother/daughter came to pick up my mum’s dresser. We had listed it on Craig’s list because none of us could use it. It was very large and had a huge mirror. A mother and her college age daughter came to pick it up in their truck. At first I thought they wouldn’t be able to do it…but they did! I’m so h apply that it’s going to a nice young girl.

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  1. LOVE dragonflies. It's our marriage symbol. the story is on the blog somewhere......

    YAY for the dresser being sold and put to good use for a college girl.

    NYS has had a LOT of rain for July and now we're enjoying this week of PERFECT sunny weather with NO humidity and cool breezes and temps in the 70s. MY FAVE!!

    ENJOY the weekend and hopefully the Boston area will dry out!!

  2. I'm glad your cat liked his box contents. :-) Neat about the dragonfly. That's so nice that your mom's dresser is going to someone nice who can use it.

  3. The sea coast photo is so pretty--I love the coneflowers. Happy Birthday to your aunt!
    It makes me happy to know that the dresser is being passed on to someone who will make good use of it.
    May you see dragonflies often!

  4. We are desperate from some rain in my parts. It's been so dry and hot. There are fire bans on everywhere. Happy belated birthday to your aunt. I've never heard of Meow boxes. How nice that your Mom's dresser will be put to good use by a young person. I'm in the midst of selling some of my Mom's furniture too and it is hard to let go of some of it because of the memories attached to it.


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