For lo, I am with you always.

Matthew 28:20

My mum has fractured part of her lower spine. She will have surgery to repair and sort of strengthen what is left. She has osteoporosis. 

My sister as some of you know is living with colon cancer that has spread to lower part of her spine, her sacrum. 

One morning last week I went on a walk through the very oldest part of the town I live in and stumbled upon a little garden behind the Old North Church. Somehow in all the years I’ve lived here I had never seen it before. It was very small as it was tucked in behind the old stone church and a rock cliff but it was beautiful, peaceful and calm and a quiet restful spot. 

I happened to glance at a plaque on the face of the rock which stated, “For lo, I am with you always.”

What a comforting thought. 

I love when Jesus does this...winds me through old and narrow and twisty ways until I almost give up on finding any kind of a point and then suddenly there I am in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time for him to teach me what I have always known. 

We are not alone. He is with us always.

~ ~ ~

Last year my mum purchased a tree peony. It was delayed coming in the was months late and she despaired of it coming at all. When it finally showed up it was this little twig of a thing. It was much smaller than she had anticipated and it was way after planting season. She was disappointed but she planted it anyway. It was all she talked about for months. Then the cold weather came and she stopped talking about it. We managed to get through the winter and spring brought her fractured spine and more scans for my sister...

But the other morning after my walk through the church garden I came home to my back garden and noticed my mother’s tree peony was in full bloom!

For lo, I am with you always.

~ ~ ~

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  1. The Lord has such an amazing way of bringing us comfort and assurance of His Presence with us in all things. I am sorry to hear of both your mom and your sister. Making a note to pray for them this week. The peonies are beautiful!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's fracture. I hope and pray for her quick healing. And grace for your sister as well. What a neat story about God's leading and the tree peony. I had not heard of the latter--how pretty!

  3. Oh, God is so kind.
    And I appreciate this family update. I had been praying for your sister, but somehow had missed the news about your mum.
    So much for you to carry.
    Thanks be to God for his load lifting love.

  4. what a hard season your family is in, friend. may there be many more long walks, quiet nooks, and garden surprises to let you know how much He cares ...

    i'm praying for you and yours even as I tap away here.

  5. I am so very sorry about your mom! I will pray for her and for your sister. Please let us know how the surgery goes. They are doing wonderful things now with backs, including glue! the Peony is gorgeous! and of course God delayed the delivery because he knew you would need it to bloom right at this time. I love how He has nature give us glorious uplifting signs at just the right time.

  6. So sorry to read about your mum, and praying healing for her soon. I do pray for your sister. I too forget he is with us always so your post was right on for me this morning. ~hugs~. The growth of your mum's flower would have made me cry, and almost did as I read this. Love how you tied that together.

  7. I love how God shows up in the hard times. The peony is just beautiful. I've been wanting to plant one. Need to get it done. Just said a prayer for your Mom. Hugs!

  8. So glad God suited a special blessing and encouragement to you in your time of need. I love when he surprises us with those little reminders. Prayers for you and your family

  9. I'm so sorry to hear your sister has this illness.. The older parts of town always
    have something interesting, fun, and delightful to look at. So glad you got a chance
    to walk around there.



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