Walking wild


Little Natalie loves being outdoors. When it’s warm enough my daughter gets her outside.

Even at her young age it’s important for her to get out of doors. 

Bonnie (my daughter) is looking forward for the weather to change so that the baby can be in her backpack/carrier while she’s gardening.

Of course Abigail and Verne love to be outside as well!

Abby isn’t quite as fond of the cold as Verne is and usually only lasts about 20 minutes before she’s saying, “I go home now.” She’s only out in the back yard but she wants to go inside where it’s warm. 
I don’t blame her. 

Verne will stay outside for much longer though. He and his dad will build a little fire and hang out in the back yard or take a walk through the back woods.

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  1. OOH...I just wanna hold that baby!! I PROMISE I'll wear my mask!! :)

    My linky is up if you want to add this to Take Time Tuesday.

    LOVE your precious pics of those grands.

  2. The baby looks so cozy. I remember my sister-in-law said when my neice was baby, she always sat her outside in buggy to get fresh air. Cute kids.

  3. What a sweet baby! Best wishes to these adorable children.

  4. Beautiful grandchildren....I can't wait till I am fully vaccinated and can hug mine....


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