Well I was going to spend Sunday at home since I’ve been taking an all day class every Saturday and could use a day at home. But, my daughter, Hannah said she was going to be visiting my daughter, Bonnie on Sunday so I jumped on the chance to be able to spend time with the both of them...and my grandchildren! 

The weather has warmed up quite a bit this week which is lovely. I drive past Dane Street beach on my way to work and sometimes it’s just so pretty that I have to pull the car over and take a short walk. 

I picked up some tulips at the market the other day. They look so pretty in the morning sunlight. 

Tucker’s meow-box came in the mail the other day.
He get’s pretty excited when the box filled with toys and catnip comes for him. 

Last autumn the toddlers I teach planted teach planted some bulbs. 
They are now beginning to come up!
It’s rough going to wrastle all the toddlers out of the garden so the flowers may look a little worse for wear...but happy Spring!

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Friday fave fives


  1. What a picture of your grandbaby, such wideeyed innocence and wonder. I am interested in the Meow boxes, what is the company they are from?

  2. Cherished moments with your grandchildren. Since I moved to the mountains, I'm closer to my
    extended family, but I sure do miss those little ones. We will do a zoom meeting tomorrow so
    I can see their precious faces. Your wee one is precious and sweet.


  3. Bonus visit! So happy for you!

  4. Time with children and grandchildren is so lovely. Such sweet little faces. I'm enjoying bunches of tulips here, too. From the store, not the garden, not yet.

  5. Haven't seen you around lately--hoping everything is ok.


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