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I didn't’ get many photos this week. 

Sunday was the 5 year anniversary of my step-daughter’s death. In years past this date racked my world for a month. This year I was able to feel the sadness at all she missed but also recognize how blessed I was to be able to have her in my life. 

I happened to glance out of the window on Sunday morning to see this beautiful sunset.
I think I posted earlier in the week that it was a sunrise because that is what I normally see.
By sunset I’m most either at work or driving home. But when I paid more attention to the photo this morning I realized that the sun rises from a different direction than this photo so it must have been sunset. 
It’s pretty either way and I’m glad I was able to step out the back door and get a photo. 

I got a gift from an old friend when we got together a few weeks ago. She gave me the mug and the Irish part of it prompted me to add some Bailey’s to my hot cocoa. 

Michelle over at Living our days always has wonderful books to recommend.

I ordered this one from Amazon at her recommendation and not only is it filled with beautiful words but the cover is so beautiful I almost wish I had ordered it in hard-cover.

We’ve had some of the coldest days of the year this past week! 

But, I still feel spring coming. 

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  1. I am going to check out this book. what a wonderful friend she is. I think grief never goes away, it just softens a bit with time.

  2. This new absolutely sucks tens grief and what gets me through as a Christ follower is knowing i will see some loved ones again. She was a beautiful woman......

    That's a gorgeous sunset!!

  3. That is a beautiful book! I hope you find comfort in the memories of you step daughter.

  4. It was that way after my mom passed away.--the date of her death was quite painful for a few years afterward. So were her birthday and Mother's Day, but a little less so. Now there's still a pang, but also a time of thankful remembrance for me.

    Beautiful sunset. That's a cute mug. I enjoy Michele's book recommendations, too.

  5. The hurt softens over the years. I'm glad you have many beautiful memories of your step-daughter. Hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream sounds perfect.


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