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We are in the midst of a winter storm.

It’s grey and rainy and very blowy out there. The temperatures over just over freezing so we have rain and slush. Which is rather unpleasant but does cancel the school where I work so I get a snow day!

The boughs of the huge pine tree between our house and the harbour are being tossed about as if they were branches on a much smaller tree. There’s something about seeing huge pine boughs swaying in the breeze way above your house that lets you know it’s windy out there. 

I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee in my pajamas and have no intention of going out of doors for quite some time...maybe walk down to the town landing this afternoon. 

For now though...

Here is a picture of the beautiful pine. The house behind it is a good three stories tall.

I love to imagine the things that tree has seen. 

~ ~ ~

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  1. We've had our first snow amount where I live, but nothing like further to the East coast. I does invigorate to be outside, but not like in the younger years. There have been years that the snow has been up to my knees-I'm 5 ft, but seems anymore not that much. Been in my pjs too. No need to go anywhere at the moment. Happy week.

  2. What a wonderful view of this beautiful tree! i would also imagine what creatures are living and shetering in it. Enjoy your snow day!

  3. Is this a new link party??? ;) Lots of snow here also...

  4. This one missed us so we have snow but actually have had less snow than other years. Thank you for the book suggestions. I was able to get a couple of them for my e-reader as my eyes need bigger print. I dream of the garden at this time of year....Michelle

  5. We got lots of snow yesterday and spent most of today working on snow removal.

  6. If trees could talk ! It would be interesting to hear what they have to say!

    Love the beautiful snow photos!

  7. Your tree is lovely! We've had some snow here too but at the moment it's raining and very windy

  8. I live in eastern NY and while you were getting the slushy rainy kind we were getting the soft fluffy kind and we got another 3 inches on top of the 3 inches from last week! I had a "remote learning" day where we taught via google classroom as we only have 1 snow day left and our director wanted to save it in case we need it later in the month or March. we only get 3 snow days per school year. Thanks for participating in the Take Time Tuesday meme. I LOVE that pine tree!! great photo!

  9. Can't say I blame you for staying in your jammies! The tree is just marvelous to see outside your window. Keep warm!

    Thank you for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  10. We had a muddy 3 weeks of January before we returned to normal weather..I prefer snow to the freezing rain we were getting....Michelle


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