We got two snowstorms in the past week or so. 

One all day Sunday and another one on Tuesday.

The were both snow that looked beautiful. 

My school closed campus for 2 weeks because of COVID so I’ve been working from home.

That leaves me with time to do some slow cooking which I love.

Onions are the start of all things deliciousness. 

I’ve also had the chance to putter around the house and get some deep cleaning done. 

I bought a baby BT2 guitar. It’s a small Taylor. I have no idea how to play but I’ve been wanting to learn.

I needed a smaller guitar because I am just over 5 feet tall and my husband’s guitar is just too big for me. 

I went to visit my grandchildren yesterday. Little Natalie has grown so much in the few short weeks!
She’s gained a pound in 2 weeks! She’s such a calm little baby. Verne and Abigail love her so much!

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  1. Great list of faves! We have a guitar in base,ent my husband wanted for Xmas almost 10 years ago and I'm the only one who can play very simple songs on it as i had to take it in college for my undergrad degree. My oldest was teaching herself for awhile. There are some good beginner books and videos out there! Enjoy it!

    Adorable Natalie Faith!!

    Your chair with the doiley cushion reminds me of one my grandmother used to have in her mountain home.

    Happy weekend!!

  2. I was gifted a used keyboard, and have been noodling around with it, trying to remember what little I once learned about piano. Have fun with your guitar;)

  3. I used to play guitar a little a very long time ago. Lost interest in i pretty quickly though! Your sweet granddaughter is adorable!

  4. What a sweet picture of Natalie! Iam glad to see your baby spiders! So are you making lesson plans on the computer, or doing Zoom with the students?

  5. You have had a great week. Babies, guitar, cooking, cleaning. Practically perfect.

  6. Snow is so very pretty except when it's coming down horizontally as it sometimes does in these parts. :D

    Your new granddaughter is adorable and it's sweet that your her siblings are so enamored with her. Good for you for wanting to learn guitar. I used to play when younger but haven't picked it up in at least 25 years. Onions and garlic for the win!


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