Natalie Faith

 The good

My sweet little granddaughter was born! 

Natalie Faith!

The fun

I couldn’t go into the hospital because of COVID so I had to wait till yesterday to meet her.

We were all so happy to see one another and Abigail decided to wear her favourite outfit for the occasion. 

The random

We had a bit of snow a few weeks ago but we are expecting quite a bit more tonight. forecast said we should expect anywhere from no snow at all to a foot and a half.

Talk about random.

~ ~ ~

The good, the random, the fun


  1. Goodness, what a difference in your weather forecasts. Wonderful photos of the children, and sweet little Natalie!

  2. Our forecast was so weird too it said 6-17"... that is quite a span! Your granddaughter is just adorable.

  3. Oh I can see your great big smile even behind the mask! What joy!

  4. The baby is beautiful! And so tiny. Congratulations.


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