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It was school vacation week and since I work at a school I spent four of those days at my daughter’s house. I spent Monday and Wednesday nights there as well. She appreciated the extra help since my newest granddaughter was just 3 weeks old...well almost 4 weeks old now. She’s growing so fast!

We knew my grandson, Verne, would be wonderful with the baby but we were a little concerned with how Abigail would do. We didn’t have to worry though she is doing fine. Verne is such a great big brother that Abby just follows his lead. 

My other daughter, Hannah, came to visit one afternoon with presents for all the children. She gave Verne a little wooden sword and he immediately became a pirate. His sister became a pirate as well. 

Verne and I watched one of his favourite movies. It’s an old DVD with four short cartoon stories about the American heroes John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunion, and someone else who I can’t remember. It wasn’t a Disney film though and the illustrations were absolutely beautiful. 

I am taking a Montessori certification class and I have to make quite a few activities. Abby and Verne helped me to make a few of them while I was there. 

My daughter was glad to have the company and the extra help. I got up with Verne and Abby both mornings so she was able to feed the baby and go back to sleep. 

I did an endless amount of dishes and laundry. I cooked a couple of dinners. 

It was nice being able to spend time within their little family. I have plans to spend a Saturday night once every month or so just to give them a bit of a break. 

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  1. How wonderful you live close enough to your daughter that you can spend time with your adorable grands. LOVE Abigail's "pirate" look. And how fun to watch some stories about American folk legends!! Verne is getting so big.

    Glad you had a good week off. I was bored out of my mind!! Hopefully one day I will get to be a gramma and that my daughters will choose to live close by!

  2. I know just how much she would have appreciated this help. And who better to help than their own Grandma! Their pictures are gorgeous, especially the serious one of Verne watching the T.V.. Abigail gets more and more beautiful.

  3. How lovely that you are able to help your daughter out at this time.. I'm sure she appreciates it. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a beautiful visit. Oh such treasured times with your family. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  5. I know your daughter was glad to have you there to help and, no doubt, Verne and Abigail enjoyed your company as well. Bring home a newborn is tough! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  6. So wonderful that you can help in practical ways! We never have to wonder what needs doing, because we remember well...

  7. Being a grandma is wonderful, isn't it? I love the photos of those three little ones. They are all so adorable!
    Of course, you should have pirates in your family!

  8. So sweet you got to spend all that time with your grandkids. Oh my, little miss pirate's picture made me smile. So cute!

  9. I know that must have been a blessing to your daughter and fun for your grandkids to visit and help out. It's great the older ones are adjusting so well.

  10. These are precious moments in life for sure. : )



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