5 February


I finally got to meet my new granddaughter, Natalie Faith on Sunday.

Verne and Abigail (her brother and sister) are over the world for her. 

As you can see Verne took out a couple of his favourite match-box cars to share with me and Abigail brought fashion to a whole new level for the occasion. 

She is in love with her brother’s old cowboy boots and never wants to take them off even though they are 2 sizes too big for her. I had my sunglasses on when I walked in the house so she went to get hers as well. 

And sweet little Natalie Faith feels like a feather in my arms she’s so light. I was so happy to finally meet her and hold her and smell that beautiful new baby smell. 

Monday night into Tuesday we were expecting a giant snowstorm...but it ended up mostly rain and heavy wind. The travel was lousy though and though we got rain the surrounding areas got snow so school was cancelled!
Snow Day for me!
I spent the day puttering around the house. I cleaned and organized the little room we call the conservatory.  Puttering around the house is one of my favourite things to do. 

Saturday I had an all day class for Montessori certification. This is an example of one of the activities I made. The class is held at the school where I work and it’s held almost every Saturday from 8-5. It’s like I’m working 6 days a week...but it will pay off when I finish the class next year. 

That full moon one night this week was just spectacular!

We have a big spider plant in my classroom at work and I was able to get quite a few clippings from it. They are growing in little jars on the kitchen windowsill. 

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  1. Your grandchildren are adorable! How wonderful that you finally got to meet your newest! So precious!

  2. What a wonderful family photo this is. It has everything! I think one element that really makes it is those crooked sunglasses!! It could not have been planned any better! Little Natalie is so timy! And how cool to see Verne's gifts of love for her! the shot of your rooms is so beautiful, pristine, and calming. This is exactly how I would love to decorate.

  3. The baby is precious!!

    Love the full moon pic!!

    And my youngest, before going back to NH last week, put a cutting off her spider plant for me to nurture while she's gone, my own spider plant isn't doing well and i do not know why!!!!! It's the first one I've had since 1994!!!!

  4. What a sweet picture! What a blessing grandchildren are. We got some snow last weekend, but it didn't stick, thankfully. I love puttering around the house, too.

  5. This is a very sweet photo. Hard to imagine holding a newborn. It has been a long time for me!! Thank you for linking up and have a great weekend.

  6. The first picture is just wonderful. Such a happy bunch! How nice to feel a baby in your arms again.

  7. What a happy place that windowsill is! Pants make me smile.
    And oh my! That adorable baby! All three are cute, but a newborn is just so much sweetness!
    Here's hoping you don't get more snow! We're still 'enjoying' ours.

  8. So glad you got to meet your Granddaughter. She's adorable. Spider plants are about the only things I can keep alive. I've also managed to grow new ones from cuttings - I just plant them straight into soil and they seem to survive. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Abigail's sense of fashion gave me a smile. One of my four year old dayhome girls was dressed very similarly the other day. Sweet picture of you and the grandkids. Your new granddaughter is most precious. Stay warm this weekend!


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