Shining through the branches of a big old pine tree


When Joe comes home from working nights he flops his cap down on the kitchen table.

It is an Irish sculls cap and when he wears it with his mask at work they say he 

looks like a Southie (Irish part of Boston) bank robber.

I just like the way it looks on my kitchen table and I’m glad he’s not a bank robber. 

My sister had to get some scans in Boston and spent the week at my mums. 

I had them up for dinner one night. This isn’t the greatest picture of her...I think I caught her in mid-chew.

Sunday I met with both of my daughters and my grandchildren. We were the only ones in the pizza place and felt comfortable taking our masks off while we ate. It was the first time we’ve all been together in such a very long time. It brought me to tears. 

I rise before the sun most mornings and see it coming up over the neighboring houses like ribbons of orange and indigo light. One morning this week I happened to glance up and see the crescent moon setting behind the big, old pine while the sky was just beginning to lighten. 

Seeing my grandchildren last week was the best!

I’m so thankful for them.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Lovely to see peeks, inside the homes, of bloggers........

    Warm, Winter Wishes

  2. Your mom always looks so joyful. And you and your sister really look alike! I do hope she is doing well.

  3. how nice to be with family!! cute cap!!

  4. Darling picture of your granddaughter. I miss my grandkids that live out of state. The little ones are content to facetime, but the 7 y.o. is ready more than ready to visit face to face. I'm grateful for the two here in state, but our visits are few and far between these days with Covid. So many reasons to get beyond all this!

  5. How nice you have been able to spend time with your family this weeki. And also nice to be able to eat in a restaurant. Ours have been closed for indoor dining since the beginning of November I think we are the only state left still doing that! Your grands are precious!

  6. Such beautiful smiles!! Love that moon shot.

  7. So lovely to have family time.

  8. So nice you got to visit with your mom, sisters, daughters, and grandkids this week. Love that photo of the moon.

  9. Your grandkids are growing so quickly! They're adorable. And yes, seeing those happy young faces is the best part of the week.
    I'm glad you were able to see your sister.
    We've been able to eat in restaurants and that has been a great joy. Who ever thought eating 'out' would be so special?

  10. Oh I'm so happy that you could meet up in a restaurant and enjoy your family. Our restaurants are still closed with no date as to when they can open. I miss meeting with friends and family out for dinner on a Friday night. The cap on the table/robber comment made me laugh. I'm very glad your hubby is not a bank robber too. LOL.

  11. Glad you are able to get in some family time. It is hard these days with so many restrictions. Stay well and thank you for linking up!

  12. It had to be such a wonderful feeling to be with family! The smiles tell it all. Prayed for your sister before beginning this comment. May God be with her and bring a good report.

  13. Your mom and sister are so pretty. Hope things are going better for her. Love the cap story. Your grandlittes are adorable.


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