New Years Day I walked in a local state park with my brother, sister-in-law, and her mum. They brought along their dog Sadie as well. It was a beautiful day...warm and sunny. We decided to stay on the main road because there were quite a few people and we thought that the trails might get a little crowded. 

While I was visiting my daughter, Hannah, last week she shared her simple recipe for making orange marmalade. It is so good and as easy as could be. I’ve been slathering it all over sourdough bread. 

This chubby little fella has been sitting in the planter eating up all of the winter berries.

I don’t mind though because he is rather cute and we don’t get too many visitors these days. 

My first week back at work after a 3 week break. 

It was a good week all in all. I was happy to see the children again.

Tucker has been extra friendly lately. He curls up on my lap when I am on the couch reading.

It’s so cute. 

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Friday fave fives


  1. wow...a THREE week break for XMAS??! you are truly blessed. We just had the 10 days. But it was all good.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE walking in our state parks this time of year. Which one did you visit? I think the only state park I've hiked in in MA was the one called MIles Standish down in Plymouth county as my inlaws don't live far from there. And of course we have toured Walden Pond and Minute Man National Park (LOVED it). Ah...we miss visiting Boston. Sure hope we can come summer!!

    Your kitty is so cute although I am so allergic to them!! He's sweet looking out that window.

    ENjoy the weekend doing the things you love.

    1. I should say that i had a 2 week break for the holidays. The week before break I ended up catching a very bad cold from one of our students (whose parents kept sending him in). I had to get COVID tested and have a chest x-ray on the Tuesday before break. I decided to stay home on Wednesday because I was still coughing, Thursday we had a snow day and Friday was a planned day off.

  2. tucker is so beautiful, and we love the squirrels around here. So, do you have many covid rules for safety at school? Did you need to get tested?

    1. I did have to get tested. It was negative. We have many rules in place at school. Faculty and most students wear masks all day. The toddlers that i work with don’t have to mask up. We also don’t combine students or one class at a time on the playground and so forth.

  3. What a nice list of Faves. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Marmalade on toast is one of my favorite breakfasts. Cats look so endearing when they are posed like Tucker, gazing out the window. It's nice to get back to routine, isn't it?

  5. That is a cute squirrel. Have you named him yet?
    I'm glad you got out for a hike/walk. Even in cold weather, it is good to be out in nature.
    Love that photo of the road among the trees.
    Have a good weekend after your wonderful week back with the children.

  6. I used to think squirrels were cute until one kept raiding our bird feeders--I wouldn't mind except they could clean one out in a day. We finally got some squirrel-proof feeders, and that helped. That toast and marmalade looks so good. How nice to have had a three-week break. And nice to enjoy getting back to your students.

  7. Use to love making jelly. Didn't last long though when kids were young. Sounds like a nice Holiday break..

  8. Homemade orange marmalade and sourdough bread sound like a match made in heaven! Looks like a lovely peaceful walk. The trails tend to get busy sometimes around here too, so we've done some gravel road country walks and they are just as lovely. We don't have squirrels around here that I've ever seen. The odd chipmunk sighting for me is also rare. Three weeks off, how wonderful but I know what you mean about being happy to see the kids again. It was the same for me and I had 10 days. I was wiped by the end of the week though and was glad for this weekend to rest. LOL.


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