Diary of home

Winter Solstice


Quite the darkest and shortest day of the year.

Last week the snow fell on our narrow winding streets and the wind coming off of the harbour tossed the snow laden limbs of the giant pine to and fro.

We had candles at the ready and a nice plump chicken roasting in the oven 

warmed our home and filled it with a cozy aroma. 

Today we celebrate winter solstice and there are oranges and cloves and colourful ribbons

to make Christmas pomanders.

Last year there was a house full of friends laughing and celebrating but this year will be quiet.

I have decided to embrace the stillness and solitude.

Handel’s The Messiah plays quietly,

 candles gleam in the darkness, 

and the scent of oranges and cloves fills our tiny and peaceful living room. 

~ ~ ~

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  1. You always know how to turn any setback into something good. The Pomanders are such a mystery to me! I made some last year, and within a few days they all wrinkled up and went bad!!

  2. Our Holidays have been stillness and solitude for many years, so it is not a bad place to be. The fragrance of oranges and cloves sounds so wonderful. May next Christmas once again give you a home filled with family and friends, but for now, may this Christmas give you the peacefulness and joy that contentment brings to the heart. Take care.

  3. Such a lovely post. And so wise!

    Yes, we need to embrace the Quiet. We should do more of this, every Holiday Season. Why do we ever let it become so frantic??????

    Stop dwelling on what we "can't do"! Stop giving any more of ourselves, to this miserable China Covid Pandemic! Embrace the Calm/Quiet... Embrace the cozy warmth of home.

    Thank you!


  4. What a beautiful piece. I love how you have embraced the stillness and solitude. It sounds like your home is wonderfully cosy. I hope you are enjoying a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link party.


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