We had a snowstorm which started Wednesday night and went all through Thursday.

It was a snow day for all and Joe and I sat inside our cozy home watching the wind blow the big pine tree limbs around. I put a chicken in the oven to roast with lemon, onion, and dill and the whole house smelled delicious and warm. 

The folks around the corner were hanging their wreath as I walked by on Saturday afternoon.

It was quite the endeavor. There were two people across the street where I was standing while I took the picture. They were yelling out directions..up a little on the right...the two people on the ground and the two people in the third story windows moved the wreath around until the peace sign was straight.

It wasn’t really was raining. I added the snow via an editing app because it looks so much prettier than rain. 

I’ve been keeping all my Christmas shopping local and as I walked about town on Saturday I came across this spinning angel candle decoration. I remember that we had one when I was a little girl but the angels had metal sticks that hung off the bottom and made a lovely bell sound as they twirled. This one doesn’t make any sound but it is lovely none-the-less. 

I came across two shows on Tasha Tudor on Amazon prime channel. Once was called Take Joy and the other Take Peace. They were wonderful and I so enjoyed watching them. 

My beautiful granddaughter, Abigail, turned 2 this week!


  1. I don't know what Tasha Tudor is, but am going to look it up on Prime. Your photos are lovely. As a child, we had one of these angel spinners just like the one you describe you had. It must have been the same one! Abigail looks very wise in this photo!

  2. So just how much snow did BOston end up getting? I keep forgetting to ask my inlaws
    ALbany area where i live (Eastern NY) had the most in one night/day since 1993!! We received 30 inches in my northern sister receieved about 36 inches and where my other sister live she received about 10. but they already had about 8 on the ground. so she has 18. It's pretty though and I'm thankful the school where i teach was closed the last two days!

    That's a really different candle...those angels make it look so special!

    WOW. that 's a HUGE wreath!!


  3. Happy happy birthday to that beautiful "fierce" granddaughter!
    We have gotten about 4 inches of snow here. Today it is melting.
    At least you have a snow day to enjoy it.
    Tasha Tudor had a Christmas book titled Take Joy. I own a copy of it :)
    Wasn't the original angels and candles decoration called a Scandinavian Christmas chime? We had one when I was a child.

  4. Oh yes, those little Angel/candle chimes. !!!!!

    Oh thank you! Those beautiful Tasha videos are on Prime!!!!! I did not know!!!! Used to get them out of the library. -smile- Oh thank you for saying they are on Prime!!!!

    Ahhhh, here is your sweet Grand daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. OH, and...... We got snow!!!!! Nearly 2 feet of it!!!! It really looks like Christmas, around here. And I love it!!!!!!



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