Happy Halloween-mas.


So.....this happened.

We had what is now and forever will be referred to as the: Halloween snow of 2020.

I think I heard it was about 3 or 4 inches which really isn’t very much for these parts.

But it wasn’t predicted....and it was still October!


I woke Saturday morning to a big, beautiful full moon shining through my bedroom window.

It blanketed the bedcovers with moonlight and Tucker (our cat) and I quietly got up to watch it sink down over the rooftops of the little town we live in. 

I made some coffee and after a half a cup, noticed that the sun was rising bright and orange over the harbour so I pulled on all of my warmest clothing and walked down the road to take some pictures. 

The ramps to the docks are up at the town landing. Only the boatyard dock is still in use. You can see the lobster traps stacked for when the boats comes in with their hauls. 

Marblehead Light is across the harbour on “the neck.”

It looks like it could be December and not Halloween. 

It felt like it too and it wasn’t long before I felt the cold seeping in and turned toward home.

The nature table

I’ve a tendency to collect as I walk about out of doors. 
Whether I’m on a country path or meandering along a winding road near the ocean
I end up with an odd assortment of feathers, stones, pinecones, acorns and chestnuts...

This little table is pretty well loved.
It’s been next to the bed, behind the sofa, even out on the porch.
I keep thinking I’m going to throw it away as it’s in dire need of some TLC.
But...it is the perfect size to fit in all of the places I need a little table to fit.
It’s like the little table that could.

It could become a seasonal nature table with a few candles 
And whatever I may have picked up along the way.

I’m thinking I may even give it a paint job. 


I woke early on Sunday morning and glanced out of my bedroom window to see the full moon passing through an opening in the heavy cloud cover. I grabbed my phone and waited for the next opening in the clouds. 

It was so beautiful and perfectly timed - just like a gift. 


Every year one of the homes in my neighborhood builds a fantastical Halloween creation.

This year they built King Kong. His face moves and he has teeth that show when he growls!

They are very talented!


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  1. Your picture of the dock is so stunning, that is my favorite here. It sure was worth you going out in the cold. I love your nature table, and the table itself fits the theme so well!

  2. Great shots. Love them all. Eye for composition and color here.

  3. Great photos! I love your 'little table that could" LOL! I think it deserves keeping. The King Kong is impressive -- bamboo cage and all!

  4. Halloween-mas is the perfect name. Strange and curious to see snow on pumpkins. I love your neighbor's King Kong!

  5. love your dock pic!!

    And that is quite the halloween decoration! Yikes!!

    YAY for getting a pic of the wonderful full moon and sunrise. We had only a half inch of snow here in eastern NY and it was all gone by noon on the day before Halloween. My daughter at UNH/Durham (about an hour north of boston) said they had about 2 inches. It's been so gorgeous here all week!!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Great pictures but snow at halloween?! That King Kong is rather scary lol. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Wow! That King Kong is quite realistic. And it growls...
    Snow! On Halloween! It will be a day to remember!
    I pick up stones, shells and feathers when I walk, too. As I was unpacking 'that box', I put all my little treasures back in their places. I love the concept of your nature table.

  8. Wow--snow in October! We've had a cold snap here this week, but thankfully it's supposed to warm up a bit next week. The table is a nice size. Lovely photos.

  9. Such lovely pics. We have had a ton of snow on the weekend. Still shoveling out the drifts days later.


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