The story of home


I spent most of Saturday morning rearranging the bedroom. 

I moved the bed from the center of the room to a corner and it creates so much more space. 

It even seems lighter and sunnier though that has not changed. 

You may remember that we downsized to a small apartment last year.

My 85 year old mum sold her house and moved into the first floor and my husband and I moved into the second floor just above her. It’s been a comfort to her to have us just upstairs.
It has also been a comfort to myself and my sister and brother knowing that if she falls or needs anything we are right here. 
She has always had a flair for decorating. Her house is pretty and welcoming without being too pretentious or stuffy or just well...over decorated. 

Many years ago, when my daughters were still teenagers a woman whose daughters were adults told me that when they were younger they would argue and bicker with her over every little thing. She thought they would never want to do anything like her. Now she goes to their homes to see that they have decorated exactly like she and she has to laugh when she’s visiting because it’s like she’s in her own house.

This is how it is/was with my mother and I as well.

The rug on the floor in my bedroom was once hers along with the painting above the bureau.


Butter pecan banana cake

Monday: roasted butternut squash soup, fresh bread, salad

Tuesday: homemade macaroni and cheese, salad

Wednesday: pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, spinach

Thursday: homemade pizza, salad

Friday: Salisbury steak, egg noodles, green beans

Saturday: turkey, mashed potatoes, 

Pumpkin waffles (extra for the freezer)

Chocolate bourbon pecan pie

Sunday: beef stew

Mini apple cider donuts

~ ~ ~

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  1. It is lovely, so light and fresh looking. And that painting caught my eye right away. Both you and your mom are so blessed to have this arrangement.

  2. Yes please on the butter pecan banana cake! I love that you are able to be so close to your mom. Sweet post my friend. Thank you for sharing Charming Homes and Gardens.


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