Pumpkins are everywhere

 The good

I made a butter pecan banana cake over the weekend.

I’ve been going through an old book of recipes I’ve saved over the years and testing out the ones I want to keep and the ones I want to throw away. So far they’ve all been pretty good. 

The fun

At the Montessori school where I work we had an on campus “field trip” to the pumpkin patch.

The admin team set pumpkins out in the field and each class or cohort went out individually to pick a pumpkin and have an apple and an apple cider. I work with toddlers and they were very excited (if a little distracted) because they don’t normally get included on field trips. 

It was really fun!

The random

I spent most of Saturday morning rearranging my bedroom. 

There is so much more space now and even feels lighter. 

The good, the fun, the random


  1. That cake looks great! What a sweet pumpkin patch alternative,


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