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Joe and I had to drive to Berkshires (a 3 hour way!) on what turned about to be a fool’s errand.

However, we made a day of it. The foliage was beautiful and we drove into Stockbridge which is where Norman Rockwell once lived and where Alice’s Restaurant, from the song of the same name by Arlo Guthrie was located. 

Also...the song, Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor with the lyrics:

The first of December was covered with snow

And so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston...

So we stopped in front of the Welcome to sign to get some pictures and then we drove the turnpike to Boston

The leaves are changing here. Even the ground looks pretty.

This year because we’ve had such a small amount of rain the colours are somewhat muted

But they still look pretty to me. 

At the school where I work there is a wonderful and huge old Beech tree in the middle of the toddler’s playground.

It has at least five major trunks and a spot in the middle of them for a child to stand and look up as if they are a part of the tree itself. It’s magical. 

I often wonder if that old tree is as happy to be surrounded by the joy of children 

as they are to be surrounded by the joy of that big old Beech.

We had a bit of a storm blow through on Wednesday evening.

It turned quite dark and there was lightening over the harbor.

I quickly ran down the street just after dinner to get some quick pictures.

As I turned toward home the sky was all pink and orange 

just dark and wet enough to create reflections on the pavement.

This picture really captures my hometown.

Also....when we moved back to Marblehead in the summer of 2019 they began filming for the Adam Sandler movie, Hubie Halloween. My whole neighborhood was soooo Halloween decorated for the month of July and even some of August. Yesterday, the movie was finally released on Netflix. It’s set in Salem, which is right next door, but quite  a bit of the scenes are of Marblehead. It was fun to see how everything came together and to see Adam Sandler all over my town. The movie was more for kids...

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  1. That pink sky reflected off the wet pavement looks like something you'd see in a puzzle!

  2. We only love about 45 min from the Berkshires/Stockbridge! In fact our very first official date was at the Red Lion In.n in July 1989!!!! And we have several paintings by Rockwell from,the art museum there hanging in our home!! We love the Berkshires in autumn. I haven't been there since last Sept though.

    Love Salem and Marblehead too and has been far too long since we spent time in the Boston area. I miss it!! I miss having a child at Gordon!! 😍

    Your photos of your town are so pretty!!

    Happy long weekend!

  3. Loved all these musings, and with high winds this week our ground is getting prettier all the time.

  4. I love that photo of Marblehead. You caught the reflections well.
    And that beech tree. I wish every child had a tree like that to play under.

  5. What a gorgeous picture of your town. I was just commenting to hubby what a gorgeous fall this is because of all the colors. Last year we had a wicked blizzard at the very end of September so it just killed all the leaves on the trees and they fell off in ugly grey tones. This year is glorious. Fun about the movie filming. There is a town 30 minutes from us that is used a lot by Hollywood for filming so you never know who you might see. The last Ghostbusters was filmed there, as was Interstellar, and the new Kevin Costner movie coming out just to name three. We had to stop and wait last year year while they finished filming a scene as we were passing thru. Didn't catch site of Kevin though. Bummer. LOL. The beech tree is awesome! I don't think we have those around here.

  6. That after-rain photo is so pretty! How fun to have your town in a movie. What beautiful foliage.. That's so neat about the trees being so close together with just enough space for a child.

  7. What beautiful pictures you got. The one of the coloured sky and reflections is very impressive.


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