Birthday boy


On Saturday my town held the 2nd annual indigenous people’s day.

Members of the Wampanoag Nation singers and dancers came and taught a small gathering of people a number of dances. There were quite a few children in attendance and it was enlightening to hear the questions they asked. There were also a small amount of vendors and though we all practiced social distancing I was able to purchase a beautiful hand-beaded necklace when it was my turn.

The weather was beautiful, everyone was masked, it was a wonderful time!


I love the Autumn and October is my very favourite month.

These leaves reminded me of ballerinas dancing in the Autumn breeze.

And these of a flamenco dancers twirling skirts.

Monday was my grandson’s fourth birthday. 

She had a special birthday dinner for him and he was happy to spend time with family.

Bonnie made the cake...just in case you didn’t notice that it was homemade. 

Verne’s 4, Abigail will be 2 in December, and Bonnie is expecting a third in January. 

She’s a tired mama. 

Tuesday it rained all day here. 
It poured!

When I got home I remembered that I had put a pot-roast in the crock-pot before I left for work.

Everything smelled delicious and it was quite cozy to eat at our little kitchen table

while the storm raged outside.

And last but not least...


We are not allowed to do field trips this year at the Montessori school where I work.
So...the school cleverly created a pumpkin patch and the children were able to go out as individual cohort classes and pick up a pumpkin, get an apple cider drink and a fresh apple. We took class pictures under the beautiful Maple trees as well.
Everyone had a wonderful time!


  1. How fun to have the Wampanoag people come to your area and perform and sell their wares!! My youngest daughter was quite smitten with them atmthe Plimoth Plantation when she was little she loved watching the women make the jewelry.

    Happy birthday to your grand boy.....he's a cutie!

    Yay for fun aut My activities with preschoooers and for colorful dancing leaves!,

    Happy weekend

  2. So much delightful autumn feel in your week! You've made me look at leaves in a whole new way....

  3. What a cool event to attend! Your leaf pictures continue to BLOW me away!! i would love to see your necklace!

  4. The indigenous people’s day. sounds wonderful! Happy birthday to Verne! I love how your school made changes so the kids could experience the pumpkin patch.

  5. That's the best to come home to the smell of dinner cooked! What a great community event too! I'm visiting from Friday Favorites link up. Have a great weekend!

  6. Aww Happy birthday to Verne. Homemade cakes are the best but they can be a challenge lol. I'm sure his Mum is tired. My eldest wasn't quite 4 when #3 arrived but I had a lot of help from my Mum. Now mine are al grown and having babies of their own and I'm helping them as best I can.. Those leaves and colours are pretty. And how interesting (and important) to have a day celebrating your indiginous people.. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. Happy birthday to Verne. He is growing up so fast. Growing up we always had homemade cakes and very fond memories are associated with the efforts my mom made. Fun idea for your school kids.

  8. What a fun idea to do a pumpkin patch at the school! Very clever.
    Verne is getting so big! He's Four already? I love the homemade cake!
    It looks like the indigenous people's day was a great success.

  9. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Lovely leaf pictures. The festival looks like such fun, and the clothing is just beautiful. How great to be able to gather and also enjoy this awesome season.


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