Sunflower, good morning


There’s something about a boy in blue-jeans bringing a flower home to his mum. 

Just a bit of a partly cloudy sky which the sunflowers 

have spent all summer reaching toward.

Now, in early September they are bent over, heavy from their labor, and happy to allow gravity to help them drop their seed onto the ground beneath them, bounty for the little neighborhood wild life. 

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  1. What a cutie!
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. So true. Actually my grandboys did bring me flowers vs the granddaughter. Even the weeds they brought were an excitement because they were so happy to give them. Your Vern is absolutely adorable.

  3. What a sweet picture of Verne and the sunflower!!!

  4. I had never thought about the connection between the sunflowers drooping and the seeds dropping. Even their bowed heads are beautiful.

  5. Awww! How cute is he!!!

    And such a sweet capture too!

  6. beautiful sunflower....
    Have a great day

  7. Adorable child....The deer take my sunflower heads if they can get them,,,


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