Friends and family Friday


His love for his mother came first but his love for his baby sister runs a pretty close second.

Joe and I walked to a restaurant around the corner on Friday night.
The set up for outdoor dining was so beautiful I had to take a picture of it.

My daughter and son-in-law have 4 or 5 old apple trees on their property which produce a fairly large number of apples of a few different varieties. 
Abby was inviting me to join them on the bench under under one of the trees.
Which, of course, I did.

Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me...

They also have this old and stately weeping pine tree. It’s absolutely beautiful. 
I don’t know the name proper name of it but I am absolutely in love with that tree. 

One evening Joe and I walked for a bit just at dusk and on the way home we noticed the moon shining in the night sky over the harbour and just beyond the boat yard.

You can see the sailboat in for the season on the left, the building on the right its The Landing which is the restaurant that sits on the harbour so sailors and others can come in for a drink or a bite to eat. The crane is used to lift the boats in and out of the water when the season ends or if they need work mid-season. And, the moon, who needs no introduction, floats in the sky above us all. 


  1. Your daughter & granddaughter are so pretty! I have never in my life heard of or seen a Weeping Pine!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing a bit about you.

  3. Funny how coastal beauty sometimes needs an explanation. Love seeing your family. Praying for you and your sister.

  4. Lovely photos. Your granddaughter is very cute.

  5. The outdoor seating area looks so nice. How fun to have so many apples in your daughter's yard! I love the bench in from of that tree--and the tree.

  6. what a lovely list of faves!! your daughter and granddaughter are gorgeous and yay for apple and pine trees and moonlit walks and outdoor dining on beautiful evenings. Enjoy every moment the weekend brings to you.

  7. Great faves this week. I love that phot of your daughter and granddaughter. Apple season is the best!
    All those beautiful pots of mums in the dining area--love it!
    Happy a happy week ahead.


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